Local Jewelry Designer Unleashes New Business for Dogs

Jewelry Designs Gone to the Dogs. Fancy dog collars and cat collars for the pet in your life. Treating Them as Royalty.

Gillett, PA, January 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Often, innovation is the result of long, careful planning, or of determined experimentation.  Sometimes, there's just a magic moment of inspiration when a new way just opens up for you. 

Last month, in a very unusual wedding in Las Vegas, she was contracted by the Reverend of a chapel to provide jewelry for a bride and groom for whom wedding rings were out of the question.  The happy couple? A couple of pug dogs.  The dogs exchanged collars designed by Deborah. The wedding sounds like it had all the glitz and kitsch of a Liberace concert. The dogs arrived in a pink Cadillac driven by Elvis.  The collars she designs look like the kind of thing you'd expect to find around the neck of Paris Hilton's dog.  

Deborah Serfas of Gillett, PA had just such a magic moment almost two years ago.  For years, Deborah has been buying and selling vintage jewelry and designing her own pieces. One day, she was working in her studio and, on a lark, slipped one of her necklaces on her cocker spaniel-mix.  She was stunned by what she saw.  "I just thought, I've got a great idea here," she said.  It was a great idea because Deborah knows some people live to pamper their pets and are willing to spend money to make their dogs and cats look special.  The idea was to turn her jewelry designs into custom, extra-fancy collars for dogs and cats.  

Check out the website at www.designeddogcollar.com for the wedding photos and the designed fancy collars.

Designed Dog Collar
Deborah Serfas