Can One Heat Sink Design Make LTE and WiMAX Telecommunications Equipment a Reality?

ATS, Inc. recently proved to two Tier 1 telecommunications equipment OEMs that it’s maxiFLOW™ heat sink design with superGRIP™ heat sink clip can make 4G telecommunications systems operate as designed.

Norwood, MA, October 20, 2010 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc (ATS), a leader in offering Innovations in Thermal Management, recently demonstrated that its maxiFLOW™ heat sink and superGRIP™ heat sink clip can cool semiconductor dense and thermally challenging LTE and WiMAX telecommunications network equipment. Two Tier 1 telecommunications equipment OEMs had faced significant thermal and mechanical challenges on their new designs. Deploying ATS thermal management technology allowed them both to ship their network equipment to customers in Japan and the United States, meeting schedules, and winning the confidence of their major customers, both wireless providers.

In example one, ATS’s customer was faced with a real dilemma. Having used microTCA and other modular technologies to develop both their WiMAX and LTE telecommunications infrastructure equipment, they faced the challenge of dealing with high heat and restricted air flow in their system. After considering various options, they opted to test ATS’s solution. The results were dramatic, reducing board temperature 15%. The temperature reduction made it possible for the systems to operate at the designed performance levels, and keep the manufacturer's development costs in check since no architecture changes or fan additions were necessary. Their U.S. and Japanese wireless customers received their equipment and successfully trialed.

In example two, ATS’s customer was at the start of launching their new 4G LTE telecommunications platform. Early trials showed great promise but thermal issues dogged the design, making reliability a concern. This customer knew their design needed some additional thermal management technology to realize its design specification. They called in ATS to perform root cause analysis of the problem and provide a solution. After performing both CFD and physical tests, the problem was identified. ATS’s maxiFLOW™ and superGRIP™ technologies were then deployed in the customer’s system. Resultant tests successfully improved reliability, while only adding single digit percentages to the product cost.

Both these examples show the advantage of ATS’s thermal management technology in telecommunications equipment. Learn more about how your next or current telecommunications equipment project can be cooled so it can operate at its peak performance level. Get their free white paper on thermal management for telecom equipment by requesting one here:

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Andrea Koss