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Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc and TransFair Canada will Collaborate to Launch the Pepperfire Initiative

Brooks Pepperfire Foods’ VP Marketing, Tina Brooks today announced that TransFair Canada and her company have agreed to work together to develop a market for Fair Trade Certified peppers in Canada.

Rigaud, Quebec, Canada, January 16, 2007 --( Tina Brooks, VP Marketing today announced that TransFair Canada has accepted an agreement in principal to work with them to create a market for Fair Trade Certified Chili Peppers, a market previously almost non-existent on the Fair Trade agenda. In its beginning stages, the project will culminate with the eventual licensing of Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc. as master licensee for the produce obtained from future Fair Trade Certified farmers.

The Pepperfire Initiative began with the discovery that there are no Fair Trade Certified peppers available yet, with Brooks suggesting the initiative to TransFair Canada. With the help of TransFair and FLO International, the initiative will allow Brooks Pepperfire foods to enhance their farm to table tracking process, to enhance the quality of the produce they are procuring and to improve the lives of the farmers from whom they purchase with more efficiency.

Of the Pepperfire Initiative, Greg Brooks, President of Brooks Pepperfire Foods said; “Tina, in sourcing fresh chili peppers for us, is making huge inroads into the social and political aspects of the chili pepper industry. It is in recognition of these efforts that TransFair Canada has agreed to promote the creation of Fair Trade Certified standards for chili peppers and help create this market with us and benefit the challenged regions of the world through the Pepperfire Initiative. This certainly fits with an important element of our mission which is to “expand minds through the flavor of pepper fire”. If Rome could be ransomed for pepper, perhaps we can initiate social change, using chili peppers."

TransFair Canada is the only national, non-profit certification and public education organization, promoting Fair Trade Certified products to improve the livelihood of developing world farmers and workers.( Fair Trade is an international system of doing business based on dialogue, transparency and respect. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions for producers and workers in developing countries. Behind the principles and goals of Fair Trade is a rigorous international system of monitoring, auditing and certification.

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