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Los Altos, CA, October 24, 2010 --( Keeping it off and Wellness: Self-efficacy is the key to lasting behavior change.

Biggest Loser Winner Season 2 “At Home” Winner Pete Thomas and Thrive Research at the 2nd Annual Corporate Wellness Conference.

Pete Thomas is a real-life Biggest Loser, keeping off 185 lb since his 2005 win on the popular reality show.

Pete Thomas was a keynote speaker for the Employer Healthcare Congress/Corporate Wellness Conference and inspired folks at the best attended session of the event.

Pete shared stories of struggles as the child of a mentally ill single parent, often fed fast food or left to fend for himself. Not surprisingly, Pete never learned about nutrition and turned to food to fill numerous voids.

Life changed after becoming a contestant on the Biggest Loser’s second season. In the keynote, Mr. Thomas candidly shared stories about teammates and challenges keeping up with Jillian’s killer workouts, and avoiding the “temptation foods” placed throughout the ranch.

After being voted “off,” Mr. Thomas continued practicing the skills learned at the ranch. Returning several months later for the live finale, Pete became the “At Home” winner by losing the largest total percentage of weight of all the contestants--46%.

Five years later and a full-time motivational speaker and teacher, Pete encourages folks around the country to, “Master your mind, Manage your mouth, Multiply your muscles.”

Mr.Thomas is a firm believer that educating children and giving them tools for lasting behavior change is the key to combating obesity. Mr. Thomas is involved in programs in the Midwest and is speaking at the NIH in October.

In both the keynote and scheduled networking meeting, Pete echoed a theme heard throughout the Corporate Wellness Conference--self-efficacy.

What is self-efficacy? It’s a fancy term for the idea that you need to find what works for the individual. And, it’s also about having heroes and positive role models, from reality show contestants to co-workers around the water cooler.

At the conference, employers spoke repeatedly about the importance of self-efficacy in successful corporate wellness programs. Leaders such as Black & Decker, offer employees $1200/year in “Healthy Rewards” toward a choice of gyms, exercise equipment or other programs of their choice. Wellness tool provider Limeade reiterated self-efficacy's importance by detailing how companies like REI and the State of Washington are using personalized approaches to get widespread results.

Pete embodies many of the values, including self-efficacy that Thrive Research teaches and draws on in Thrive Research's online adolescent programs. Pete is living proof that with the right mix of training, techniques, and perseverance, everyone can Thrive.

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