ATS Removes 16 Heat Sinks and Cuts a Client’s Cooling Costs by 40%

A leading telecommunications OEM asked ATS (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.) to solve a persistent excess heat problem on their new PCB. ATS redesigned the thermal management solution, improving its efficiency and reducing its cost by 40%.

Norwood, MA, October 24, 2010 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc (ATS,, a leader in providing innovative thermal management answers for today’s electronics, was consulted by a major telecommunications OEM to help solve a persistent thermal challenge on their new printed circuit board.

The client discovered during testings that regardless of the number of heat sinks they deployed on their new printed circuit board, it was still overheating and going into thermal shutdown. They called in ATS was called in to help identify the board’s hot spots and determine a permanent solution.

ATS analyzed CAD models and actual boards and pinpointed a number of air blockages on the PCB. In addition, the heat sink models used on the board’s hottest components were not optimized for the board layout. In performing their thermal investigation, ATS carefully collected physical data using the ATVS-2020 automatic temperature and velocity scanner and a series of candlestick-style sensors. ATS also carried out physical experiments using a laboratory wind tunnel and a flow visualization analysis.

The resulting ATS solution allowed the removal of 16 heat sinks from the client’s PCB. The new cooling approach replaced the aluminum heat sinks with low cost plastic turbulators and eight high efficiency heat sinks. The board met the client’s specifications and was ready for mass production. The new thermal solution also cost 40% less than the board’s original cooling design.

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Andrea Koss