Catalyst Systems Appoints Software-Industry Visionary Stephen J. King as CEO

Former Merant executive to demystify ‘black art’ of software development build and release management process joints Catalyst Systems.

Boston, MA, January 17, 2007 --( Catalyst Systems Corporation today announced that Stephen J. King has been named CEO. King’s background and experience in leading companies to accelerated growth signals Catalyst Systems’ intent to capitalize on increased industry interest in software build and release management.

King was previously the CEO of Marqui, a software and service provider of Web 2.0 marketing solutions. Prior to Marqui, he served as executive vice president and general manager at Merant, where he was responsible for all aspects of marketing, engineering and business development. King played a key role in the dramatic turnaround of the company and its subsequent sale to Serena Software for $380M.

With more than 35,000 seats worldwide, Catalyst Systems’ software automates, tracks and reports changes and dependencies in build and release management for software development teams.

“No longer is the build process considered an administrative function to be largely ignored,” said King. “Catalyst Systems has dramatically improved visibility into the relative ’black art’ of building and releasing software, and my vision for Catalyst is to help customers better understand the systems and social processes that move their code from build through release management. With software complexity and regulatory pressures increasing, we plan to help our customers demystify this part of the application lifecycle management.”

Complex Environments Require Increased Exposure
Application development teams face increasingly complex challenges:
· Defining and implementing repeatable processes across software versions
· Integrating those processes with existing tools
· Optimizing builds across platforms
· Tracking and reusing software components across multiple applications and versions
· Maintaining an audit trail of builds and build definitions

Overcoming these challenges is essential for optimizing lifecycle processes and managing an increasing burden of legal and regulatory requirements. In order to achieve greater efficiencies and predictability in delivering mission-critical software solutions, enterprises must address the hidden costs in the build-to-release lifecycle.

“Openmake heralds the next big trend in the application development lifecycle: that of defining and implementing measurable and repeatable processes,” commented Tracy Ragan, COO of Catalyst Systems. “Stephen’s experience, determination and market-shaping leadership will help us ensure we continue to deliver the products, partnerships and knowledge necessary to support the development community in negotiating the complexity of the global software development environment.”

King grew up in the West of England and graduated from the London University with honors in economics and statistics. He has received a post graduate education in computer science, executive education from Wharton and a master’s in mythology.

About Catalyst Systems
Catalyst Systems Corporation is a pioneer in the commercial build management software industry. With more than 35,000 users worldwide, Catalyst Systems is the leading provider of enterprise build management software. Catalyst Systems has specialized in the design and implementation of reliable and repeatable application build processes for Global 2000 organizations since 1995. Openmake, Catalyst Systems' flagship product, generates reusable, audit-conforming builds in languages such as Java (ANT), PERL and RAD. Catalyst Systems is a member of the Eclipse Foundation, and includes Serena Software, MKS and Computer Associates among their reseller partners.


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