Wisconsinmade.com Welcomes Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates Into Its Artisan Group

Wisconsinmade.com, an e-commerce gift store, is pleased to announce that Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates, of Kohler, Wisconsin, now offers their handmade chocolates, toffee, and turtles on Wisconsinmade.com.

Madison, WI, October 27, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Wisconsinmade.com carefully selects only the finest-quality products made in Wisconsin and offers them for sale on the Internet. "Wisconsinmade.com is a gourmet food and artisan gift store, and these Kohler chocolates are so beautiful, we teased that we could offer them in our art department. But they are just too scrumptious not to eat," said Linda Remeschatis, owner of Wisconsinmade.com. "We anticipate that they will be top sellers this holiday season."

About Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates: In 2003, Herb Kohler pursued his dream of creating the perfect chocolate turtle. A descendant of the inventor of the modern bathtub, this chairman of the Kohler Co. diverted his attention from plumbing fixtures and golf courses to original chocolate recipes. Kohler enlisted the aid of his American Club's executive chef, Ulbrich Koberstein. For the next few years, the two men tinkered with recipes and tasted chocolates until at last Kohler was convinced they'd done it. Not only had they created the ultimate chocolate turtle, but in the process, they'd produced gourmet toffees and ganaches. In 2009, Oprah sealed their place on the short list of world's best chocolates by putting Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates on her February Valentine O list. "This is the highest level of recognition that we could have hoped for our handmade chocolates," said Koberstein. Now Kohler's Original Recipe Chocolates has joined with Wisconsinmade.com to deliver their gourmet chocolates nationwide.

About Wisconsinmade.com:
The web-store showcases over 2500 products made with pride and passion by more than 250 Wisconsin artisans. Visitors to Wisconsinmade.com find hand-crafted art for the home and office created in multiple media by Wisconsin artisans. Also featured are books written by Wisconsin authors; CD's produced by Wisconsin musicians; Wisconsin-sports apparel; gift baskets, and gourmet foods. Wisconsinmade.com receives national attention for the regional-specialty foods it delivers, such as the championship Wisconsin cheeses, high-quality meats, sweetened cranberries, pure maple syrup, and the gourmet pastries identified with Wisconsin's ethnic heritage. Wisconsinmade.com delivers the best of Wisconsin to the rest of the U.S.A.

Linda Remeschatis
Cristie Roberson