SoThin Software Leverages Thin Client Technology to Lock Down the Desktop and Ensure Security

Binary Research International Gains Worldwide Distribution Rights to SoThin Solutions, Designed to Ease the Transition to Server-Based Computing to Save IT Administration Time and Reduce Security Threats.

Milwaukee, WI, October 28, 2010 --( Binary Research International Inc. (BRI), the authority on workstation cloning and migration since 1997 and part of the company that created the industry-leading cloning solution now known as Symantec Ghost, announced today it will be the exclusive distributor (outside the UK) of SoThin software solutions, a suite of software products focusing on the conversion of desktops to work as enablers for server-based computing technologies.

SoThin solutions have been developed to work with thin clients, virtual and cloud-based systems and standard thick networks. While many applications are designed to make the transition from the desktop to the server, a number of organizations still use older applications not supported on the server side. SoThin addresses this by allowing local applications to continue to be utilized in addition to the server. A centralized computing model is a more cost-effective and “greener” way to extend the useful life of an organization’s XP infrastructure.

“With companies looking for ways to cut costs in light of the recession and in the pursuit of more efficient ways to work within their budgets, many are reevaluating their IT policies,” said Annette Dow, CEO, Binary Research International. “One way to do this is to repurpose and recycle aging devices. SoThin solutions can cut the cost of owning a Microsoft network by reducing the time IT administrators spend supporting Users by as much as 70 percent, as well as reducing security threats. SoThin puts IT administrators back in control, giving them the ability to lock down the desktop and ensure that it is absolutely secure.”

SoThin solutions include:

SoThin Thin Client converts PCs to intelligent thin clients for any network, putting the control in the hands of the systems administrator. It allows connections to local or remotely hosted Terminal, Citrix, Virtual and other servers as well as cloud-based applications, local applications and local drives. SoThin Thin Client extends the useable lifecycle of devices and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO). The solution also allows an organization to centrally manage and update devices from a management console and to lock down devices to use only specified connections and applications.

SoThin Secure Desktop is a shell replacement tool which converts Windows-based PCs into locked-down devices which will only allow access to white-listed applications and drives. SoThin Secure Desktop has the added benefit of allowing a company to extend the useable lifecycle of its devices. The solution allows grouping of users and connections, making it simple to switch back and forth between groups.

SoThin Remote Control enables remote support and training from anywhere to any destination or PC. The solution allows the user to share the screen of one device with multiple other devices, making it possible to demonstrate applications by putting what’s on the trainer’s PC on the attendees’ PCs. It also allows monitoring of up to 20 desktops at one time so multiple screens can be viewed.

SoThin ThinPackage makes working remotely simple and affordable by creating a firewall to ensure a safe and secure connection from anywhere while allowing for quick and easy setup with no installation required. ThinPackage helps to protect a company's data and negates the risk of viruses. The solution offers flexibility and convenience for home workers, allowing the user to have a true experience of working remotely. The ThinPackage solution is also beneficial in the event of business continuity or disaster recovery situations, allowing workers to get up and running quickly and easily from a remote location.

SoThin XyZ secures devices for a single purpose, allowing no other applications to run. The solution is a shell replacement tool which converts Windows-based PCs and laptops into locked-down devices which will only allow access to a single application. Ideal for Point of Sale (POS) and information kiosks, SoThin XyZ gives the option of automatically reopening the application if closed by the user. This allows the set up of unattended terminals requiring little support.

Licensing and Pricing
Licensing for SoThin is per device. Products may be purchased individually or as a bundle. For pricing, please visit or contact BRI at 888.446.7898. Discounts may be available for qualifying government, education and non-profit organizations. For more information or a free trial download, visit

About Binary Research International Inc.
Founded in 1997, Binary Research International (BRI) is a provider of cutting-edge software solutions, training and services. With headquarters in Glendale, Wisconsin, BRI also has a branch located in Canterbury, England. BRI was a subsidiary of Binary Research Ltd., the original developer of Ghost, now known as Symantec Ghost. While BRI continues to sell, train and consult in the use of Ghost, its Software Distribution Division has introduced several new software products to the U.S. market, including SoThin solutions, FastTrack Scripting Host, UIU, RemotelyAnywhere and Net IQ’s Marshal products. For more information, visit

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