Why Articles are a Viral Marketing Top Choice of Internet Marketing Gurus Like Matt Bacak

Learn why articles are an excellent Internet marketing strategy and how viral marketing can benefit your Internet business.

Detroit, MI, January 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Articles are very powerful. They are an exceptional tool that you should utilize in your Internet marketing plan. The purpose of articles is to bring people to your squeeze page. You can bring in a significant amount of subscribers from articles.

Start by writing ten articles. After you write the articles you will submit them to article distribution websites on the Internet. There are hundreds of websites that will accept your article. Some websites allow website visitors to copy your article information as long as they give you credit as the author. This is a great feature as your article can be copied and pasted into hundreds of other websites. Your name and website address is attached to these articles. This is called viral marketing.

Viral marketing is like a snowball effect. You submit your articles to a certain number of websites who submit your articles to other websites and so on. You may send out 100 articles and a few days later you have 10,000 articles out on the Internet. This huge increase in articles is a result of the viral marketing effect.

It is a good idea to spend the most money, time, and effort on articles. Start off by writing just ten articles. When you achieve this goal then strive to write 100 articles as quickly as you can. Be careful to make sure that you have correct grammar and punctuation.

You can outsource the writing of your articles. A valuable outsourcing resource for writing projects is www.elance.com. Elance.com contains freelancers that will help you out with anything from writing to programming. You can even have a freelancer complete business tasks for you such as sending out postcards to your buyers.

You post a project on Elance.com that details what you need completed. The freelancers on Elance.com will bid on this job. Elance.com is free to setup. You only pay for specific projects.

Remember, when you write articles that you don’t want to plagiarize. Therefore, you need to be careful when you hire a freelancer to write your articles. One way to ensure that the content of your articles will be unique is to provide an audio file of your seminars if you give them. The audio file will contain all the information a freelancer will need to write the topics. This ensures that the freelancer will write about only your own content.

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