Gypsy 05’s Steps Into New Territory with Gypsyz

Gypsy 05 has taken a giant leap forward in eco-design with the introduction of Gypsyz by Gypsy 05. Leading the pack yet again, Gypsy 05 has redefined the boot with a new line of lifestyle shoes inspired by hand-made knit booties.

Los Angeles, CA, October 30, 2010 --( Gypsy 05 is traveling into new territory with the release of Gypsyz. Available at premier boutiques and department stores worldwide as well as on the official Gypsy 05 website, Gypsyz by Gypsy 05 are a brand new and innovative line of knit boots. A hybrid between a comfy, knit legging and a boot, Gypsyz are meant to be worn both indoors and outdoors and are offered in various heights, prints and colors.

Embodying the bohemian chic lifestyle that is Gypsy 05, Gypsyz are a new and unparalleled type of footwear. Inspired by South American hand sewn booties, Gypsy 05 has reinvented these authentic shoes to reflect modern life and fashion. Whether wearing them at home as slippers, in the mountains as after-ski boots or wearing them as comfy flats while running around big city streets, Gypsyz by Gypsy 05 can be worn anywhere, bridging the gap between different lifestyles. Whether you want to call them sweater boots, modern knit moccasins, or hand-sewn booties Gypsyz a great winter accessory. Gypsyz are available for both men and women in a variety of lengths, colors and patterns to cater to everyone’s personal style. The patterns and color choices selected for each style of Gypsyz mirrors Gypsy 05’s spiritual and eco-friendly lifestyle.

“Gypsyz are an awesome looking lifestyle shoe, but they are more than that, they reflect our commitment to eco-fashion and innovation,” says CEO Dotan Shoham “This completely reflects us as a company and our values.”

Gypsy 05’s ethos of environmental sustainability and mission to bring awareness to eco-fashion is reflected in the footwear collection. Gypsy 05 strives to hold true to its green state of mind with Gypsyz biodegradable sole and cotton knit sock.

Gypsyz by Gypsy 05 come in four styles Snowflake, Snake, Piano, and Plain and two heights 18 inches and 26 inches. They are available in women’s whole sizes from 5 to 10 and in men’s whole sizes from 8 to 12(Men’s Gypsyz available in 18 inch in select patterns).

$109- All 18” styles
$129 – All 26” styles

Gypsy 05 is a lifestyle brand that transitions from day to evening attire with ease for both men and women. It is a casual, eco-friendly, contemporary Southern California brand incorporating unique dye processes in every dress, blouse and tee. Gypsy 05 was established in the spring of 2005 and has grown into a well sought after brand with representation in over 1,000 stores worldwide. With a strong celebrity following, Gypsy 05 has graced the pages of major publications both domestic and abroad. Please refer to for more information.

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