Flexible Software - Manufacturing to Wild-Horse Training - Kansas Correctional Industries Scores with GXD

Notre Dame, IN, January 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Kansas Correctional Industries (KCI) "goes live" with GXD. The State of Kansas awarded Xdata solutions, inc a contract for GXD (Graphical XData ERP) software. The State of Kansas gained immediate benefits with GXD's automatic/electronic document distribution and total shop floor integration. KCI's operates separate business units at various facilities throughout the state. GXD simplified KCI operations by streaming customer order-entry, automatically generating manufacturing orders at the various manufacturing plants, facilitating material transfers between warehouses, and generating both divisional and consolidated financial reports GXD's flexibility produces both cash-basis and accrual-basis statements in accordance with KCI's reporting requirements. GXD offers a "standard inventory costing method" and a simple-to-use "automatic-weighted-average inventory costing method."

GXD is a fully-integrated Manufacturing, Distribution, Inventory, and Accounting ERP solution with advanced features. KCI is the manufacturing division of The Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) which runs GXD on IBM® Blade Servers® with an option to also run IBM iSeries® servers. Data security, software functionality, ease-of-use, flexibility to meet the needs of KCI’s diverse/distinct business units, and ease of implementation led to KCI's selection of Xdata’s GXD software.

GXD's detailed accountability with inventory tracking/planning and control of manufacturing processes allows KCI to use inmate skills in productive and meaningful employment that reduces the costs of KDOC operations and brings benefits to society. GXD addresses KCI’s challenges in manufacturing furniture, metal products, chemicals, and clothing business units. Xdata works with KCI to provide GXD software, implementation services, application training, and ongoing support.

GXD is also used to help manage KCI's service-oriented business units like Data Processing Entry and KDOC’s "Kansas Wild Horse Program." KDOC signed a Cooperative Agreement with the Bureau of land Management (BLM) establishing the Hutchinson Correctional Facility as a regional holding and training facility for wild horses removed from public lands.

The BLM is responsible for the protection and welfare of the wild horses roaming the western plains and is in critical need for relocation sites. The mustangs that inhabit these ranges have proliferated in recent years and now face starvation as a result of the sudden decrease of habitat caused by drought and fires. The BLM estimates that approximately 14,000 wild horses will need to be relocated and held until the current crisis abates.

Inmates saddle-train the horses so they can be readily adopted by the public. Hutchinson Correctional Facility Warden Louis Bruce is a strong proponent of interaction with animals for the purpose of training incarcerated men to manage their personal lives.

"Working with a wild horse will present a challenge to these men," says Warden Bruce. "They must set expectations, provide structure and earn the animal’s trust and respect. These are traits that once learned could provide long-term benefits to offenders."

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