Sukut Construction Streamlines Decision Making with Software from IBM and Alphalogix

Sukut Construction continues to implement electronic forms and workflow software by IBM and Alphalogix for a variety of business process applications.

Huntington Beach, CA, November 03, 2010 --( Alphalogix, provider of Tasica Workflow Solutions, and IBM (NYSE: IBM) are working together to provide organizations including Sukut Construction with sophisticated forms and related workflow software that requires no coding, to improve business efficiency and communication.

Many business processes are based on someone filling out a form. But even this simple task can be riddled with errors, inefficiencies and wasted money. IBM Lotus Forms allows users to create dynamic and reusable electronic forms. With this solution, businesses can cut costs by eliminating printing, distribution, processing and storage of paper; reduce transaction times and error rates; get auditable, compliant records and minimize environmental impact and “go green” with electronic forms. IBM Lotus Forms with Tasica Workflow software automates electronic forms-based processes to help improve operational procedures, customer service and time to revenue, while minimizing paper-forms management and manual routing of information.

Tasica Workflow Solutions integrated with IBM software provide businesses comprehensive workflow applications. The software allows workers of all skill levels to create and modify workflow and workflow reporting applications in the same integrated design environment (IDE) utilized by IBM Lotus Forms and other IBM software products. This allows for faster application building and modification. Applications and action items can be managed and monitored in a familiar Web interface or enterprise class portal for faster and effective communication.

A variety of industry processes are benefiting from this software. For example, Sukut Construction Inc., one of America’s premier heavy civil engineering contractors headquartered in Santa Ana, California and with over 600 employees, uses the software to provide clear channels of communication between its administration and field workers to exchange critical information on construction equipment. Recently, Sukut decided to apply the solution for an organization-wide purchase order workflow system that will allow multiple departments the ability to create, submit and confirm vendor purchase orders in order to ensure accurate information and pricing.

According to Paul Kuliev, Chief Financial Officer of Sukut Construction, “Currently we are having success with our initial application of IBM Lotus Forms and Tasica Workflow. It has provided us efficient and timely communication that has helped improve the rate and quality of our decision making. As we continue to leverage this integrated solution in other areas of our operations, we hope to ensure complete and accurate information exchanges as well as an improved audit trail for our records.”

Alphalogix is set to announce Tasica Workflow 3.4 to include several new workflow integration features and enhancements including support for web services, chained workflows and document repositories.

“Tasica Workflow’s seamless integration with IBM software is built to help IBM’s new initiative of creating new web experiences for the enterprise with enhanced ease of use and refined web interfaces,” stated Bob McCandless, CEO of Alphalogix. “Our solutions tailor to the needs of a business and how they want their people and data to interact. Ultimately, this helps them maintain efficiency and create a sustainable competitive edge.”

“We are very excited for this new offering and look forward to a successful partnership with IBM,” stated Mr. McCandless.

About Alphalogix –Tasica Workflow Solutions provide web-based self-service applications for any type of business process. Tasica human centric workflow and real-time workflow reporting helps reduce operational costs, become energy efficient and enhance the communication and collaboration of business processes. Alphalogx has been an IBM Business Partner for over 15 years. IBM now provides their customers with a combined offering of IBM Lotus Forms and Tasica Workflow called IBM Lotus Forms with Workflow. For more information about Alphalogix, Tasica Workflow Solutions and its integration with IBM software please contact Alphalogix at 714-901-1456 or visit us online at


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