Sell-out Seance Dinner Theatre Extends Run at Historic Lincoln Hotel

Psychic entertainers promise to make audiences feel as if they've truly touched the supernatural.

Champaign-Urbana, IL, January 19, 2007 --( The Seance Dinner Theatre at the Historic Lincoln Hotel has not only extended its run into 2007 but has doubled the planned number of shows besides.

The popularity of the first two performances had already convinced hotel manager Jaci Nickelson and psychic entertainers J. Quinlin Yates and Stefan Alexxis to continue the show past its trial run. But when the third show promptly sold out and a waiting list developed, they realized that a monthly presentation might not meet the demand. So, as of January 2007, tickets will be available for performances on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.

The performers are delighted, not only with both the strong ticket sales and expanded schedule but also with the effect their performances has been having on those attending.

"The show must be effective,” laughed Yates, "We’ve freaked out the wait staff twice!”

The performers emphasize that this is no spook show, but that they want the audience to leave feeling as if they “truly know what it would be like to touch the supernatural.” Guests witness, and participate in, something much closer to an actual 19th century Spiritualist seance than to a Hollywood thriller or an amusement park haunted house.

Alexxis adds, “What I find so satisfying is that a large percentage of our guests are in no hurry to head home afterwards, they linger at their tables to talk about personal experiences with things ghostly or psychic. Many are eager to chat with Jace and I about their questions and experiences.”

Evenings begin at 7:00 pm with elegant dinners. For the next few dates, the standard dinner will be a French-cut pork chop with cinnamon apple and mustard demiglaze, potatoes, dinner rolls, salad and dessert, although the chef will always modify meals to meet any special needs. Other upcoming menus will be posted on the show’s web site ( as soon as they are determined.

Leading up to the seance proper is a presentation that encompasses seance history, exercises in making psychic connections, and the story of an 18th century curse, with a few laughs and shivers along the way.

The two performers approach their roles from different directions. Yates takes the part of the psychic, becoming the medium and guide to the spirit world. Alexxis plays the role of a facilitator, claiming no psychic powers except the ability to draw out talents in others. Yates entertains in the classic psychic mode, both sending thoughts to and receiving them from the audience. Alexxis, in turn, guides audience members to psychic feats of their own.

“It’s great fun to watch a psychic entertainer do what seems impossible, especially when it’s presented in a good-natured, insightful or humorous manner,” Alexxis explains, “But it rises to a new level when you can be guided to do the impossible yourself. We want to give our guests both experiences.”

And while there’s nothing in the program to give it anything other than a family-friendly rating, Yates and Alexxis insist on keeping it a get-away evening for grown-ups, with no children under 16 allowed, and a requirement that those under 18 be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets are available at $39.95 per person by calling the Historic Lincoln Hotel at (217) 384-8800.

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