UNIEA’S New Protectors for MacBook and iPod Nano

UNIEA Expands Retail Product Line with MacBook KeyBoard Protector and iPod Nano Silicone Cases

Alhambra, CA, January 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- UNIEA, an industry leader in providing the most suitable accessories for consumers’ digital lifestyle, announces two new products for retailers: a UNIEA MacBook KeyBoard Protector and an iPod Nano 2nd Generation Silicone Case.

The UNIEA MacBook KeyBoard Protector is made of 100 percent durable, high-grade silicone and provides full-coverage protection to laptop computers compatible with the MacBook 13”, as well as all MacBook Pro models. Washable and easily removable, the keyboard protector retails at $19.99 and is tailor-made to fit each key perfectly. The UNIEA keyboard protector will protect against everyday hazards caused by spills, dirt, food crumbs, and anything else that might get on or in between the keys. It also protects keys from general wear and tear caused by everyday use. UNIEA’s new keyboard protector stays in place, providing a comfortable, “non-slip” feel that quiets keystroke noises.

UNIEA ‘s Silicone Cases for the iPod Nano 2nd Generation are also available now for retailers. At $24.99 each and made of premium silicone with extra durability, these cases are specifically designed to protect iPods from scratches, dirt and stains. The anti-slip material provides added traction, preventing iPods from slipping and sliding on smooth surfaces. The case is just 1mm thick, with a unique design that allows access to all ports without having to remove the “skin.” Additionally, the skin has been treated with a special chemical to ensure dust-free protection. The cases are stretchable, washable, and extremely durable.

“As consumers discover the effects of wear and tear on their electronic devices, they have recognized the need for well-designed protective gear to prevent damage to the products they have come to depend on,” said UNIEA Sales Director Charlotte Chak. “MacBooks and iPods represent a significant investment. Naturally consumers want them to last a long time and endure use. UNIEA’s protective products have been designed to satisfy this growing consumer demand.”

UNIEA’s products are now available to retailers. For more information, visit www.uniea.com.

UNIEA is leading the way to provide the most suitable accessories for consumers’ digital lifestyle. UNIEA now produces cases, keyboard protectors, screen protectors, and privacy filters. They are consistently developing their product line and expanding into new global markets. UNIEA is more than just a brand. They are also devoted to developing products that respond to consumers’ feelings, needs and environment. With music players, cell phones, digital cameras and laptop computers changing the way we live, UNIEA is leading the way to provide the most suitable accessories to enhance consumers’ digital experience.

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