Content Writers Refuse to Outsource Abroad & Lowers Their Prices to Compete with Freelancers

Toris Haynes Inc., a firm of article content writers, lowered their content writing prices to take a stand against the practice of U.S. companies outsourcing abroad.

Paul's Valley, OK, November 04, 2010 --( A small group of content writers and publishers took a stand against companies outsourcing abroad by offering articles writing services at $.27 cents, saying that outsourcing abroad hurts the already weakened U.S. economy when companies take away jobs from the U.S. & outsources them to another country.

Toris Haynes, Inc., a content writing firm based in Oklahoma, began to offer English content writing services to the public with a new set of prices motivated by the company's stance against outsourcing abroad. With content writers that serve content to any business, the content writing firm wanted to show that competitive pricing does not have to be restricted to finding services outside of the country. Their prices were changed in hopes of directly challenging the idea of needing a foreign freelancer.

"Instead of hiring employees and strengthening our economy, many businesses seeking content writing services usually take the jobs away from the U.S. citizens and put them in the hands of people in other countries. They get to avoid payroll taxes and employee wages & keep our middle class jobless," said Toris Haynes of the content writing group based in Oklahoma. "Content writing services are usually expensive in the United States. We want to show that affordable pricing can be accomplished without having to rely on outsourcing abroad. We will soon hire employees to help us in our goal of running a company that puts jobs back into the hands of U.S. citizens."

The content writing firm also stated that they improved their services to help their business customers with search engine optimization and publication campaigns for each article, while allowing businesses to present articles that help online consumers with everyday advice & tips that can be searched for on the Internet.

Toris Haynes, Inc. works to write & publish content for all businesses & individuals. Each content writer specializes in article topics for any industry.

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