Kraft films is Launching a New Project of Decorative Window Films

In October 2010, the European supplier of window film Kraft films launched a new project Decofilm, devoted to the Decorative Window Films. Decofilm a separate division created to offer European installers a large selection of decorative films. The proposed range will be created from the films of different manufacturers in many countries. Decofilm will be a handy tool for window film installers, designers and workers of the glass industry.

Riga, Latvia, November 05, 2010 --( The European supplier of window films for Kraft films is launching a new project of Decofilm in October 2010. The official site dedicated to issues of decorative window films will be opened on November 8, 2010.

Decofilm is a separate division established for the purpose of providing the European installers with a great deal of choice of decorative films. The product offering will be built of films produced by manufacturers of many countries. The main criterion for selection of material – it is its quality.

They are already offering a wide selection of privacy window films and patterned films. These films have received extensive use in decoration of doors and glass partitions of office and private residence buildings.

They are planning to start the sales of decorative films of nature motifs in 2011. Designers are developing patterns based on the leaves of maple, lime and other trees.

The official site will become a useful source for specialists in the field of design and decoration of interiors. The site will be updated with technical specifications on films and the ways of their application. It will also provide visual samples for use of decorative window films in different interiors and premises.

Decofilm will become a convenient tool for installers of window films, designers and workers in the field of glass installation.


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