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Link Exchange Reported to Work with Irrelevant Links

Link exchange is no longer bound to relevancy of web sites during link building. This report shows test results that prove irrelevant links to be very effective and useful during link exchange.

London, United Kingdom, January 19, 2007 --( Link exchange is reported to no longer be ruled by relevancy of web sites. The tests performed by Internet marketing team of DesktopMoney LTD show that Google has shifted from relying on relevancy of web sites in the evaluation of link building. Moreover, in many cases links can be absolutely irrelevant and still produce very nice effects on the position of web site in search engine results.

The specialists of DesktopMoney LTD performed link building and backlink indexing tests and have come to the conclusion that many of the officially indexed backlinks were irrelevant to the topic of the site they were linking to. And these irrelevant backlinks were displayed by Google among the top results of officially indexed backlinks.

This conclusion can break one of the pillars of Google's philosophy about link exchange which says that in order to have no problems with building links site owners should be very carefully choosing link partners, especially pay attention to link partners being relevant to their topic.

The issue of relevancy has been highly disputed by Internet marketing community, as there are many cases when topics seem to be irrelevant for the Google's algo, but are not irrelevant in reality. For example, 'business' and 'health' are absolutely different topics for automatic algorithm, but in reality business training website can be linking to yoga site as part of the stress handling techniques that are widely used in tame stress in business. Thus, two irrelevant topics can be very relevant.

The testing results held by DesktopMoney LTD prove that in reality Google is not relying only on relevancy of links as relevancy is a very disputable issue. And testing results hint on the new factor that is highly rumored to be introduced by Google. This new factor is Trust Rank.

Google is not officially approving or rejecting the usage of this factor in their algo. But it is highly logical that Google might have given Trust Rank to a line of websites that have good Internet reputation and gained trust in their niche. Surely Google is not disclosing the websites that gained Trust Rank from it, as this can cause intense attention to getting backlinks from these sites. However it is possible to suggest that among these sites one can find reputable media websites, established article and press release services, various online communities (forums, memberships, chats, polls), reputable directories (script directories, product directories, service directories), social networks, well established niche majors and other websites of this level.

Getting a backlink from the site of this kind, even if this site is irrelevant, will not produce any problems. And testing results prove that Google is adding these backlinks to the official count.

Having taken into account the mentioned reasons, it can be stated that Internet community is on the verge of getting new set of rules for link exchange, where Trust Rank will take one of the important positions.

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