Single Mother Bored of the Local Art Scene Launches a Digital Market for Underground Artists

Seattle, WA, January 19, 2007 --( is bridging the gap between artist and art buyer. With news columns, an events calendar, and a large range of diverse talent, this new web location is geared up for selling the best underground and independent art to the world.

Kelsi Roy, founder of, is like most single parents. She works 8 hours a day, maintains a healthy environment for her child, and keeps quiet hopes of a lifetime dream: selling art. Roy set forth towards her dream two years ago and started selling art on Craigslist and Ebay.

“It was hard,” states Roy. “Ebay was tough to sell art on. There where so many people looking for deals on other items that art took a back burner, and Craigslist was a wonderful place to sell my car, but I found it nearly impossible to sell any art.”

This conundrum gave birth to From the mind of an artist who understands the trials of finding time to create and sell art without representation, now there is a place on the web where all art is welcome.

“The question that I am asked the most is: Do I have to be a painter to sell on No,” says Roy. “ supports every walk of art. Music from Rap to Irish Flute, from ballroom dancing to break-dancing, from books on culinary arts to books on the art of karma sutra. Art is human works of beauty and we are here to give a visual voice to the artists’ work.”

“In the dynamic times of e-commerce, is both a global and local marketplace. We remove the middle man and directly connect the artists to the buyer, taking no profits from sales. Open 24 hours a day from Beijing to The Bay, artist and art buyer are united at one delectable location,,” says Roy.

Sweetfox has the ability to travel and mobilize the market internationally, it is a destination point where artists and supporters of the arts can meet and create productive relationships.

Visually offers regional flavors from Seattle, Houston, and to New York. Monthly featured artists, event clips, reviews, and artist market galleries make the opportunity worth the registration. Look for this company to expand to cities near you. is bringing flavor and fair-trade to a market that demands diversity and creativity. is an independent minority owned business based in Seattle, WA since 2001.

Kelsi Roy