Introducing a Secure Shell Server that is Something More

Introducing a Secure Shell Server that is something more.

Nashua, NH, January 19, 2007 --( Codeorigin, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Sysax Multi Server 4, a SSH2 based secure shell server program for the Windows operating system. In addition to SFTP and shell access, Sysax Multi Server supports simultaneous account access through SSL/TLS based FTPS, and other widespread internet protocols such as FTP and Telnet.

Very often, system administrators need to support several different mechanisms to access and transfer data. A user logging in remotely may wish to use SSH2 based secure shell access to securely access their accounts. On the other hand, a user who is physically working at the company premises may wish to make use of the faster Telnet and FTP protocols. The system administrator may also have to support other business partners that have standardized on different secure access protocols such as SSL/TLS based FTPS. Sysax Multi Server provides simultaneous account access to SFTP, Secure shell, FTPS, FTP, and Telnet thereby enabling system administrators to simplify their administrative task.

Sysax Multi Server lets system administrators authenticate users using either existing windows user accounts or by creating custom accounts. The program runs as an NT service and is easy to administer and configure using the accompanying administration panel or by using the Windows management console. SSH2 based public key authentication and SSL certificate generation are also supported. Client connection sessions can be logged and the log files can be automatically rolled over to conserve disk space. The product can also be combined with Sysax FTP Automation to provide a flexible and comprehensive file transfer solution.

Sysax Multi Server is a complete secure server solution. In addition to ease of use and a powerful feature list, the product is also affordable and costs less than half the price of comparable servers on the market.

System requirements
Sysax Multi Server will run under Windows 95/98/NT/Me/XP/2003, and Windows Vista. It requires 4 megabytes of disk space and 64 megabytes of RAM.

Pricing and Availability
Sysax Multi Server is available now. Prices for the professional edition start at $97. A 30-day trial version can be downloaded from


Evaluation Version Available On Request

About Codeorigin, LLC
Codeorigin, LLC is located in Nashua New Hampshire and develops and markets secure data communications software for the Windows operating system. In addition to Sysax Multi Server 4, the company also offers Sysax FTP Automation 4, a secure file transfer automation program that supports SFTP and FTPS, transfer status monitoring, email notification, and detailed log files.

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John Johnson
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