New Website Aims to Provide Martial Arts Clothing to Students

Irving, TX, November 08, 2010 --( A new site is aiming to provide martial arts enthusiasts with a money saving alternative to bundled pricing at karate dojos.

"We're here to provide an alternative to having to pay too much for clothing. The markup for martial arts clothing sold at dojos is often much more than retail. Now students can shop around for their karate gi, judogis, and dokons," says Dan Kaczynski, owner of the website

The inspiration for this business came after seeing how expensive it was to pay for local karate classes.

Kaczynski says "For example, a karate gi at local dojos costs at least $50. Add that on top of signup fees, and folks can easily spend $200 just for their child to practice karate for 2 or 3 months."

The tough economic times has spurred development of the website.

"By letting consumers have the choice of where to buy the necessary equipment, we can make the financial barrier to entry for participation that much lower. Everyone benefits from this. Dojos can advertise a lower cost to get more students, and families can ensure their children can afford to participate," claims Kaczynski.

The website is currently under development. When complete it will offer martial arts clothing for karate, judo, kung fu, akido, and tae kwon do.

Martial Arts Clothing
Jason Courts