Internet Marketing Guru Matt Bacak Explains Why Headlines are Critical to Your Internet Marketing Success

Find out the secrets to writing a headline for your Internet business website. Learn how to incorporate a testimonial to reel in customers.

Detroit, MI, January 23, 2007 --( An Internet business website relies on the strength of the copywriting. It is vital to have website copy that effectively markets to your Internet visitor. Your headline plays a major role in your website visitor’s first impression of you, your product, and your website because it is what a visitor to your site sees first.

To write a headline for your website you first, take some time to brainstorm possible headlines. Think about the email subject lines you write in emails you send to your subscriber list. An email subject line is similar to a headline. When you send emails you want a subject headline that will grab the attention of the reader. Entice the subscriber to want to open up the email and figure out what the email subject line means.

Your headline is written. Now it’s time to take a look at your squeeze page. Your 15-30 word headline appears at the top of your website. You then need to create a sub headline. A sub headline is an additional description of what your website offers. Essentially, you are expanding on your original headline. You offer more details and incentives in the sub headline.

You also have a testimonial box. Think about what a perfect testimonial would entail for your product or service. What would you love to hear customers say in testimonials? The testimonial should not cover the specifics of your product. The purpose of the testimonial is to provide information about you and the knowledge you have to offer. For example, a testimonial can talk about how your newsletter helped a customer. The testimonial should be three to four sentences in length.

Remember, do not create fake testimonials. This is unethical and can hurt your business reputation.

You also have an opt-in box. This is where a potential subscriber will subscribe to your list. Hopefully, your headline, testimonial, and marketing copy will prompt them to subscribe to your list. They will if you write quality copy.

Writing your headline is not difficult. It is a matter of feeling confident in your product and projecting that to your customers.

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