Alphalogix Tasica Workflow 3.4 Simplifies Robust Workflow Creation

Alphalogix continues to offer ease of use for rapid application development with launch of Tasica Workflow 3.4. The new version extends its workflow capabilities with integration to web services, document repositories and more.

Huntington Beach, CA, November 10, 2010 --( Alphalogix, an Independent Software Vendor, announced today the launch of Tasica Workflow version 3.4. The newest version of the human-centric workflow engine and design tool extends its capabilities with new workflow features while keeping consistent with its ease of use for rapid application development and management. Tasica Workflow 3.4 offers new support for web service integration, document repository support and other workflow features and enhancements.

Tasica Workflow enables businesses to create and manage self-service workflow applications that provide efficient communication between people and their information. Users of all skill levels can easily create electronic forms, workflow and reporting applications in a no code, graphic design environment. This allows companies to realize the value of the applications more quickly than traditional programs that require coding. Employees, departments, partners or customers can easily manage and monitor their specific workflow tasks and action items from a web-based interface or enterprise class portal environment.

New Tasica Workflow 3.4 features include:
• Web Services support – Tasica Workflow takes the complexity out of integrating web services into workflow applications by providing a simple point and click interface to define the data exchange. This support allows easy integration with a variety of Service-oriented architecture based systems.

• Document Repository support – Most businesses typically deploy a corporate content repository to manage their files and documents. But to avoid risk of duplicated files or missing documents, Tasica Workflow allows businesses to automatically send electronic forms or eform templates to document repositories for improved eform management. Tasica Workflow 3.4 allows users to easily locate eforms in the document repository from a point and click design interface. Integration for IBM Lotus Quickr™ document repository is included.

• Linked Workflow support – Tasica Workflow allows users to link workflows together allowing one workflow to initiate or interact with another workflow. This allows for improved communication as applications tailored to specific departments or users can now easily cross connect or interact with applications leveraged by other departments or users.

• HTML electronic forms enhancements – Tasica Workflow provides full support for HTML electronic forms enabling users to route HTML forms, in addition to IBM Lotus Forms, in a workflow application. HTML forms can be accessed and submitted from their mobile Smartphone devices for fast and real-time information exchange.

• JSR 286 compliant portlet support – With full support of JSR 286 portlets and portlet features Tasica Workflow allows users to complete an entire workflow application embedded in their portal page.

• Tasica Workflow Designer 3.4 – Tasica Workflow Designer offers several enhancements to the point and click, wizard driven design tools to improve the ease of use.

Alphalogix is also launching Tasica Dynamic Reports 3.4 to enhance it’s a real-time, data centric reports. Dynamic Reports now enables designers to build query forms from either the existing workflow data or external data source. This allows end users to filter and find specific report information in real-time. Additionally, it provides several enhancements to the no code, graphical design of the reports as well as viewing the reports in the web-based interface or portal environment.

About Alphalogix –Tasica Workflow Solutions provide web-based self-service applications for portal environments suited for any type of organization. Helping reduce operational costs, become energy efficient and enhance the communication and collaboration of business processes, Tasica is comprised of human centric workflow and real-time workflow reporting. Alphalogix has been an IBM Business Partner for over 15 years. IBM now provides their customers a combined offering of IBM Lotus Forms and Tasica Workflow called IBM Lotus Forms with Workflow. For additional information about the company or products, visit

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