Atex Launches New Atex Tablet Publishing Solution

Reading, United Kingdom, November 11, 2010 --( Atex announces the launch of the new Atex Tablet Publishing Solution designed to help media companies generate greater revenue on digital devices like Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy tablet. Atex’s solution allows media companies to build user-friendly tablet applications that support multiple subscription models and deliver targeted advertising.

With Atex, media companies receive functionality that integrates into their existing editorial workflow, eliminating the need to invest in extra staff or third-party platforms to support the tablet production environment. As a result, media companies save money, streamline production and are able to utilize tablet devices almost immediately.

The Atex Tablet Publishing Solution produces editions with file sizes that are up to 25-times smaller than other products, meaning digital content publishers can deliver updates and new editions via Wi-Fi or over a 3G network. For readers, a smaller file means faster downloads, allowing them to start reading the latest publications as soon as they’re available.

“At Atex we recognized the need for media companies to take advantage of tablet technology to develop new revenue streams and reach more customers,” said Gustaf Sahlman, Atex Group Director, Products and Technology. “So we built upon our expertise in both content management and advertising to provide a solution that gives publishers the opportunity to produce a highly engaging tablet application that merges content and advertising.”

The Atex Tablet Publishing Solution supports multiple tablet production frameworks offering media companies the flexibility to choose the environment that works best for them. This includes custom readers that show the printed publication and also more advanced formats that support Adobe Flash animation. Atex will support browser-based applications built using HTML5 as well.

For more information, please visit the Atex website

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