The Virtuous Women Interview USA Book News Finalist TheNita

The mother-daughter relationship is discussed on the Literary Corner.

Denver, CO, January 21, 2007 --( Join Dr. Taffy Wagner and Ms. Bettye Jamerson, hosts of the Literary Corner podcast, for the week of Monday January 22, 2007 when they interview new non-fiction author TheNita about her book ‘What Every Mother Should Tell Their Daughters’.

Non-fiction author TheNita was inspired by her own life when she wrote ‘What Every Mother Should Tell Their Daughters’. She speaks from her own experience and imparts tips and recommendations to help mothers and daughters everywhere. TheNita writes in a non-threatening and conversational style, making the advice easy to understand and apply to everyday life.

“I think a lot of times there’s a struggle - a struggle in the household to be the queen. I think there is a struggle for domination…a struggle to be queen bee and you know in the household there is only room for one queen,” TheNita comments.

TheNita and the Virtuous Women talk about the necessity for daughters to seek validation from God, not men, and the need for mothers to model this behavior for their daughters. Later in the show Dr. Taffy and Bettye continue discussing mother and daughter relationships - their own parental influences as well as their personal parental journeys with their own daughters.

“Even if you are a woman who is not in a mother-daughter relationship, there is still a young woman out there who can be positively impacted. Support them, encourage them and let them know they are loved,” says Dr. Wagner.

Dr. Taffy Wagner and Ms. Bettye Jamerson are published authors and public speakers. The have a wealth of experience in the publishing and promotion arena. Dr. Wagner is the author of 'Debt Dilemma' and ‘Homebuyer’s Helper’. Ms. Jamerson is the author of 'Love: The Greatest Choice of All', and 'For the Love of Beulah: Finding your Purpose in Life'.

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