Rochester Electronics Re-Creates and Manufactures Intersil HIP0081 Devices, Eliminating High-Cost System Re-Designs

Rochester Electronics re-creates semiconductor die, chip, and package to provide a complete replication solution

Newburyport, MA, November 12, 2010 --( Rochester Electronics, the world’s largest authorized manufacturer and distributor of end-of-life and mature semiconductors, has re-created the Intersil Corporation (formerly of Harris Corporation) avionics-level HIP0081 quad-inverting power drives with serial diagnostic interface devices. Rochester’s Semiconductor Replication ProcessTM (SRPTM) guarantees that the Rochester-manufactured parts exactly match the form, fit, and function of the originals. With full permission from Intersil, Rochester is now the authorized continuing source for the part. For many equipment manufacturers who use this part, availability from Rochester has eliminated the need for system re-designs, saving them each millions of dollars in related re-design costs.

Rochester’s sophisticated SRP combines archive identification, tear down of sample product, process match, source-to-target comparison, detailed SPICE analysis, and testing to the original manufacturer’s specifications and beyond, to generate an exact replica of the original device. Rochester re-created the HIP0081 devices from just a few samples using these advanced reverse-engineering techniques. To re-create the HIP0081 and match the performance of the original device, Rochester engineers fabricated wafers using a combination of processes from two wafer foundries. In addition, the HIP0081 package had also reached end-of-life, so Rochester re-created the device package to house the replicated die and chip, providing a complete solution.

“Semiconductor re-creation and continuing manufacturing is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to system re-design when critical semiconductors are no longer available,” said Paul Gerrish, co-president at Rochester Electronics. “In our Semiconductor Replication Process, our engineers use complex reverse-engineering techniques to re-create the device and provide a replacement that matches the original semiconductor’s physical features, layer–by-layer and pin-for-pin, and is guaranteed to perform exactly as the original.”

Ideal for aviation, automotive, industrial, and robotic applications, the HIP0081 quad power drivers contain four individually protected NDMOS power output transistor switches to drive inductive and resistive loads such as relays, solenoids, injectors, AC and DC motors, heaters, and incandescent lamp displays. The four power drivers are low-side switches driven by CMOS logic input control stages. Each output power driver is protected against over-current, over-temperature and over-voltage. An internal drain-to-gate zener diode provides the clamping protection for over-voltage. Diagnostic circuits provide ground short, supply short, open load, and thermal overload detection for each of the four output stages. Each of the four input drivers and their respective diagnostic filters is controlled by one enable input. Further, the inputs are CMOS logic compatible, and individually control the output drives with active high state for turn-on. Filters are used on the output of the fault sensing comparators to prevent the detection of short-duration transient spikes.

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Rochester Electronics, LLC, is the world’s most comprehensive solution for mature and end-of-life semiconductors. Authorized by more than 60 leading semiconductor manufacturers, Rochester acquires all remaining finished devices, wafer/die, and available intellectual property in order to manufacture the exact same device and provide a reliable, continuing source of semiconductors used in critical systems worldwide in any quantity and for as long as needed. All components are 100% manufacturer traceable and certified. Rochester’s product offering includes 20,000+ Rochester-manufactured device types, from commercial to space-level; device re-creation; as well as more than ten billion die and five billion finished devices, in stock and ready to ship. Rochester is certified to ISO-9001:2008 and QML MIL-PRF-38535, as well as AS9120. Rochester is privately held. Worldwide corporate headquarters are located at 16 Malcolm Hoyt Drive, Newburyport, MA 01950, USA. Sales offices are also located throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Phone 978-462-9332; Email; Website

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