New 2X VirtualInfrastructureDesigner Simplifies VDI Management Through Seamless Microsoft Visio Integration

For the first time, users can view and change VDI settings graphically, providing unparalleled ease of use and administrative control.

Dallas, TX, November 12, 2010 --( 2X Software today announced the release of the 2X VirtualInfrastructureDesigner, developed to provide administrators with unprecedented control over their full virtual environment. When dealing with complex network environments, the typical user interface of most virtual computing solutions fails to provide the user a clear picture of their network environment. Using the 2X VirtualInfrastructureDesigner (VID), administrators can now view their installation graphically in Microsoft Visio format; users can easily add and remove servers, gateways, hypervisors and other network components graphically, allowing new scenarios to be created quickly and painlessly. Administrators can also save configuration settings and tweak particular changes through the Visio interface at a later time, allowing the product to be used for easy, efficient monitoring of the user’s server environment.

“The complexity of today’s virtual infrastructures requires administrators to have full control over all aspects of their environment,” said Nikolaos Makris, CEO of 2X Software. “With Visio, Microsoft has delivered an ideal platform for providing increased control for administrators. By utilizing the product’s widespread use and impressive features set, Microsoft Visio integration will allow the 2X VirtualInfrastructureDesigner to provide critical support for administrators looking for simple, seamless control of their virtual environment.”

About 2X VirtualInfrastructureDesigner 1.0
The 2X VirtualInfrastructureDesigner 1.0 allows administrators to view their installation graphically in Microsoft Visio format, allowing drag-and-drop capabilities for adding and removing network components, and allowing the quick and painless creation of new environment scenarios. Product features include:

Wizards for quick scenario creation
Importing of existing configurations allowed, for viewing and modification of the farm setup
Modified designed farm scenarios can be easily exported for use by 2X VirtualDesktopServer v. 9.0.
Components supported include terminal servers, virtual desktop hosts, 2X Secure Proxy Gateways, 2X Publishing Agents, remote PCs, terminal server groups and virtual desktop host pools.
Includes ready-to-use templates for typical scenarios
Drag-and-drop functionality
Allows for zooming and panning when viewing farm setups
Optional automatic zooming on objects when inserted
Print and Print Preview integration

To download the freely available Beta version, please visit: 2X VirtualInfrastructureDesigner Beta Version.

About 2X
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