– Cambodians Celebrate Human Rights Day in Phnom Penh on 10 December 2010 can reveal that Cambodia’s Phnom Penh will be featuring a range of colourful activities and parades as the city’s residents celebrate International Human Rights Day

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, November 26, 2010 --( The celebrations will be taking place in the capital and all around the country on 10th December 2010 with parades through the streets and brightly coloured banners are set to line the boulevards displaying messages of the need for equal human rights for everyone. Some temples in the city are also set to include open air festivities mixed with ceremonies to pray for those people that face inequality.

Previous years of the national holiday have seen demonstrations from protest groups and societies campaigning for people that are being mistreated. Many organisations are increasingly protesting against the rising abuse against locals and want to see a change in the handling of local matters.

Examples include the increasing numbers of people being illegally evicted from their homes as the country is witnessing a strong growth in property development. Figures from Amnesty International in 2008 showed that approximately 150,000 Cambodians were fearful of being evicted from their homes.

Visitors to the capital residing in hotels can view the celebrations at various places throughout the city which will include performances by musicians, puppeteers and dancers who will be giving shows based on themes centered around human rights.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: “The holiday is a time to celebrate and promote improved measures to develop better human rights. Many visitors will be coming to the city to watch the performances and we found a higher requirement on hotels, so people should book rooms in advance. Wide selection of hotels Phnom Penh, from economic to luxury can be found from”

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