PREMIER Biosoft International Releases SimLipid, an Innovative Lipid Characterization Software

PBI releases SimLipid, a comprehensive lipid identification tool, supporting lipid mass spectrometric data interpretation.

Palo Alto, CA, November 14, 2010 --( PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the worldwide release of its new product, SimLipid. SimLipid analyzes lipid mass spectrometric data for characterizing lipids, greatly advancing lipidome data analysis. SimLipid can annotate mass spectra with identified lipid structures and abbreviations as well.

SimLipid profiles lipids by matching the experimental MS spectra with its own comprehensive, robust and annotated database, consisting of 9 lipid classes and 1948 lipid species. It retrieves lipids that correspond with the observed m/z and user specified filter criteria. Alongside the probable lipid structure important information such as the lipid id, lipid abbreviation, systematic name, lipid category, lipid mass, chemical formula and other database links is also made available. In addition, users can look up the database using lipid abbreviation, mass, chemical composition or lipid ID.

“Using our expertise in analyzing mass spec data, we developed SimLipid to help in drug research and study lipids, which are one of the emerging areas of systems biology,” said Kay Brown, V.P. Business Development and Marketing.

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