"Revelation: The Epiphany of Cassandra Philips" - a Tightly Plotted Page Turner

Mark Poncy’s "Revelation: The Epiphany of Cassandra Philips" turns the lens of science fiction/fantasy upon the deep philosophical issues that have haunted mankind since the birth of imagination.

Boca Raton, FL, November 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Scientist, educator, developer, songwriter, recording artist, composer, and playwright (his original musical comedy Makeover ran successfully at the Hollywood Playhouse and The Cuillo Centre for the Arts) Mark Poncy has added another accomplishment to a list as impressive as it is eclectic. Revelation: The Epiphany of Cassandra Philips is an exciting science fiction novel firmly grounded in the realistic possibilities and probabilities provided by modern research, development, and technology.

Poncy, of North Palm Beach, Florida, has two graduate degrees in neurophysiology and holds numerous United States patents on medical devices. He has also written two musical comedies, and copyrighted over 100 original works of music. His passion for both science and the arts led him to consider combining the two in Revelation: The Epiphany of Cassandra Philips. Asked what inspired the book, Poncy says:
“There exists the observation in nature (it’s called the “biogenetic principle”) that an organism – let’s say the human organism – as it develops as an embryo, passes through many of the stages that its species went through as it evolved – a min-time-compressed restatement, as it were, of its evolution. As a physiologist I am aware that nothing is expressed in nature unless that expression is coded in its genome – hence our genetic code has to contain, at least to some extent, some code from the game plans of more primitive species. The big idea was this: if our past is written in our genome, what else might be hiding there?”

In the novel, Cassandra Philips, a young and dedicated genetic scientist, develops an innovative technique, one that enables her to delve into the secrets of the human genome with unprecedented speed and clarity. She utilizes her approach to search the genome for a transcription of mankind’s evolutionary past, only to stumble onto the augury of his future.

Revelation: The Epiphany of Cassandra Philips is available at Barnes & Noble bookstores, as well as on line at Amazon.com and Emporiumbooks. Com.

Mark Poncy is available for interviews, readings and book signings. To arrange an appearance, please contact Carol Kassie at ckassie@gmail.com (561-445-9244).

Enthusiastic praise for Revelation: The Epiphany of Cassandra Philips
"Revelation is tightly plotted, with twists and page-turners. The characters are unforgettable and the writing is top-notch. Poncy's story is a modern thriller, the likes of which rivals Michael Crichton at his best. The endgame of the novel will keep you guessing...you won't be disappointed as you finish the last, entertaining page." Kate Burgauer, Crystal Literary

"Revelation is transformative...profound." Donna Tiernan Mahoney-Lynch, Theologian

“Using the tools of modern computer science, author Mark Poncy takes us on a journey from the womb to beyond the borders of the soul- from evolution to "Revelation". The passages of poetic prose that precede and close the narrative are bookends to an exciting and consistently absorbing mystery story that I found to be both highly entertaining and profoundly thought-provoking.” Illeagle – Amazon.com

Mark Poncy, Revelation
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