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Sales have doubled with the re-launch of new website, featuring advanced Web 2.0 features developed by Nox Enterprise Commerce.

Las Vegas, NV, November 15, 2010 --( Nox Enterprise Commerce, a division of Nox Solutions, has re-launched, one of the leading online motorcycle gear dealers. The site has been greatly enhanced with new features and technology developed by Nox Solutions. The new design and upgrades have more than doubled the conversion rate of the site within the first 30 days of the re-launch. The site’s URL was changed from to The new site will help position as one of the premier places online to buy Motorcycle Gear. With over 100,000 products available online, the site needed better search capabilities, among other tools. had been online since 1996. Nox Solutions took a very dynamic look at the motorcycle industry and made a site that had all the functions needed for such a vast industry. Their custom-built Motorcycle Tire Finder is helping improve tire sales. The Tire Finder is so dynamic and powerful that overnight sales of Motorcycle tires on the site have more than tripled, resulting in a conversion rate close to 3.5%. A new Motorcycle Helmets Finder helps customers sort through thousands of helmets with numerous color, size, and style variations. The Motorcycle Tire Finder and the Motorcycle Helmets Finder both make use of Web 2.0 technologies to instantly update the search results for the customers, delivering a responsive and satisfying search experience.

Nox Solutions took a customized approach to building a new system and unique ways to integrate vendors into the system. The system is revolutionary behind the scenes. The whole process for Motorcycle Center is completely seamless. Products SKUs are loaded from distributors automatically. Restock orders are placed automatically when items run low, and if a customer is closer to a distributor’s warehouse, then that customer’s order will ship to the customer directly from the distributor. Motorcycle Center expects to increase sales to well over $15 Million by 2011. The platform Nox Solutions has created can do the job of 20 people with a lot less staff. In some cases, Motorcycle Center went from having 3 people doing a job to 1 person. That’s how efficient it is. The whole site is completely managed from A-Z. The system even selects how the products display based on clicks, popularity, and sales. No guesswork. The system can easily manage a million SKUs and show them in the best possible way to customers. “It just goes to show how technology can take a firm from a small startup to being a major player if companies are willing to make the investment long term,” said Payam Zarabi, Nox Solutions’ CEO. Motorcycle Center will be making a major push this holiday season to solidify its position online. They have committed well over $1 million just this holiday season for marketing. At Nox, we have seen what this firm’s parent company has done in the past. With a keen eye towards the future and their organization’s management expertise, this site will be the #2 or #3 site in the industry within a year. They have seen their parent company open up different websites in jewelry, rugs, perfume, and other fields, with combined sales of over $60 million in 2010.

Motorcycle Center was a way for Nox to showcase leading new technology and create newly designed administrative tools, which greatly reduce the time it takes to administrate the site. We had to really think about the biker industry, and how the customers search and browse products. We had to address how to make the process easy for a site that will have so many products. It took way more work than we thought, but the result is an amazing customer experience and a powerful site that will burst on the scene and demand a large market share.

About is a leading Motorcycle Gear store, selling motorcycle jackets, helmets, tires, boots, and biker accessories. Over 100,000 products from hundreds of top motorcycle brands like Shoei, HJC, and First Gear at the best prices are available at

About Nox Solutions:
Nox Solutions ( is a leading e-commerce solutions management firm that is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Nox Solutions’ specialized service offerings include website design, creation, maintenance, streaming, hosting, marketing, promotions, customer service and product fulfillment. Nox delivers customized e-commerce solutions through a propriety enterprise level platform and infrastructure. Nox Solutions has designed and launched the new site and will continue managing, providing hosting, streaming media, technical support, inventory management and customer service.

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