38 Industrial Textile Manufacturers Added to the Online Industrial Directory

The international b-to-b directory announces the latest textile manufacturers added to its industrial textiles trade sites.

Oklahoma City, OK, November 17, 2010 --( Textiles have long been widely produced in the United States and although many mills have moved overseas over the years the country still produces a significant amount of mineral, plant, animal and synthetic textiles. IndustrialCOOP, publisher of the co-op B2B search engine wants to connect more buyers and suppliers of textile fabrics worldwide with the launch of its new website for domestic and foreign manufacturers at The company said the textiles offered in the publication are available in raw, processed and blended form for a wide range of industries.

According to Michael Tucker, spokesman for, products in the directory include range from cotton, nylon, yarn, aramid fibre, acrylic, lurex, ingeo and olefin fibre to geotextiles, wool, glass fibre, basalt fibre, hemp, sisal, twine, lyocell, burlap, cashmere, silk, jute, canvas tarps and other types of textiles at Tucker said the site features textile importers, exporters, manufacturers and mills specializing in products for furniture, automotive, clothing, fashion, carpet, tent, awning, blanket, netting, handbag, insulation, footwear, foam, mattress, doormat and a diverse range of other applications.

“With textiles having such a large assortment of uses the new textile directory is suitable for manufacturers and businesses in many industries offering or sourcing materials to produce furnishings, automotive interiors, quilts, fiberglass, industrial geotextiles, sails, art canvases, agrotextiles, cloths, mops, rugs and many other items,” said Tucker. He added, “ invites textile mills and manufacturers of various textile products to include their company on the site along with detailed specifications of their capabilities and markets served.” Tucker can be reached at for more information.

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