New Feng Shui for Business eBook: The Feng Shui Advantage – Practical Business Strategies

This is the first-ever Feng Shui for business eBook provides actual, detailed case studies, with interviews from the business owners and managers, full-color photos and floor plans, published by Luminous Spaces Feng Shui.

St. James, NY, November 17, 2010 --( This new eBook - The Feng Shui Advantage: Practical Business Strategies - helps business people make smart changes in their environment for greater success and is available at

In a simple-to-read format, this informative eBook, The Feng Shui Advantage – Practical Business Strategies, demonstrates, with actual case studies, how Feng Shui has led to increased success in businesses from corporate office spaces to Mom-and-Pop, from health care to spas and restaurants, and more.

The Feng Shui Advantage: Practical Business Strategies contains...

Real case studies with interviews from the owner or business manager
Full-color photographs and floor plans
A variety of businesses including office spaces, restaurants, salon/spas, home offices, and health care and corporate office spaces, and more.

The eBook is $14.97 with 38 information-packed pages, including how environmental psychology and Feng Shui are related disciplines; why most office spaces are conducive to chaos and stress and how to change the environment; why its most important to have a Feng Shui expert review floor plan and interior design before you implement; how the direction your front entry faces has a significant impact on the experience you have in that location; why symbolism has an impact on how people feel in that space; and much more.

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