Hammerax Indigo Brand Flatrides

Hammerax has announced the release of four new Flatrides. Sizes include 16”, 18”, 21”, and 24”.

Clearwater, FL, November 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Indigo brand Flatrides will feature patent pending micro-cups in the center area of the cymbal. The micro-cups serve several functions. They increase the richness of the cymbal while still allowing stick definition. Micro-cups are also rakeable, allowing for one-handed roll FX.

In the past, Flatrides tended to have a dead area near the center. The innovation of using the patent pending micro-cups in the center eliminates this dead spot by tightening the center. They also allow for a broader range of soft to loud tones. The center area can now also be struck in several ways to create bell sounds, but without reducing stick definition.

The 16” is very dry and subdued, while the 18” has a fuller sound, but still very controlled. The 21” has a big, rich sound, which can be bright if needed yet still plenty of stick. The 24” offers a giant palette of colors from a woody stick to a bright center bell sound. The 21” and 24” have several different ride tones.

"We are extremely pleased with these new Indigo brand Flatrides," said John Stannard, Hammerax President. "They are bright, yet rich… full of stick and highly useful in both straight-ahead and innovative music settings."

Indigo® is a registered trademark. 4 year Limited Warranty. Made in the USA. Available immediately.

John Stannard, President, Hammerax
Email: H@hammerax.com
Phone: 727-442-5050

Sergio R. Samayoa