Plug&Score 2010с: New Version of the Scorecard Development Software Released

Credit risk management solution for credit scoring model development and automated processing of real-time scoring requests.

Cupertino, CA, November 18, 2010 --( Alyuda Research, one of the world’s leading developers of data mining and predictive analytics software based on Artificial Intelligence, today announced the release of a new, enhanced version of its Plug&Score credit scoring software.

While developing this version, the Plug&Score team put a special attention on a close cooperation with credit scoring professionals worldwide in order to improve on the areas they considered to be the most important.

As well as offering some new functionality, Plug&Score 2010c includes several important improvements on the functions already provided by the previous version of the application:

Direct import of SAS dataset files is now supported
Support for Probability of Default values as a scorecard’s target is added
Target Correlation value can be analyzed for each variable
Two classification graphs are added: Classification Correctness and Good/Bad Separation
Score ranges for all graphs and reports on the Scorecard screen can now be adjusted
Score Range Report is added
Risk Bands Report is added
Good&Bad Distribution graph now displays mean scores and divergence
Exact values of any point on a chart can now be displayed using the “CTRL + Mouse Click” combination

Following a comprehensive market research and analysis of the customers’ needs and requirements, the Plug&Score team has improved the system to meet the wishes, expectations and demands of credit scoring professionals.

About Alyuda Research
Alyuda Research is an internationally recognized provider of data mining software for enterprises and individuals. Founded in 2001, Alyuda demonstrates its commitment to innovation and a dedication to its customers by developing high-end solutions with an exceptionally high quality service.

About the Plug&Score solution
Plug&Score® is software for building and managing scorecards as fast and easy as possible. With Plug&Score®, customers will get the most efficient scorecards within the shortest timeframe.

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