Lit Agency Starts Manuscript Review Service

Mumbai, India, November 19, 2010 --( Lit Agency, the Mumbai based literary agency has started a Manuscript Review Service for authors. The idea behind the service is to help authors polish their manuscripts before they send it off to the publishers for consideration. The reasoning behind starting the service is very simple. With the ever increasing “Slush Pile” (unread manuscripts), the publishers have no qualms in rejecting manuscripts and do not even consider helping the authors to improve the manuscript to get them to publishing standards. And why should they, when so many other manuscripts are waiting for their consideration?

“Writing is a very lonely job,” says Varinder Taprial of Lit Agency. “The author has no one to help him improve the manuscript, since opinions of friends and family are often biased and unqualified. Moreover the author himself has read the manuscript so many times that he is generally not in a position to pick up errors, inconsistencies and deficiencies by himself. We want to fill that void in the author’s life, by providing an unbiased critical appraisal of the manuscript and also areas for improvement.”

With the Manuscript Review Service the agency hopes to enhance the chances of manuscripts and prospective authors with the publishers.


About the company:
Lit Agency is a Mumbai based Literary Agency run by Varinder Taprial and Priya Kanwar, who have co-authored three books. Along with the Manuscript Review service, the agency also provides assistance to authors wanting to publish books as Print on Demand or e-books.

Lit Agency
Varinder Taprial