Sell Off Auctions Says They Are Growing Faster Than They Ever Expected

New penny auction site, Sell Off Auctions, is proud to announce they are growing faster than expected...just in time for the holiday shopping season.

New York, NY, November 18, 2010 --( While still a newcomer in the penny auction game, Sell Off Auctions says they are very happy that their customer growth has exceeded their expectations.

“We had some very definite goals when we started Sell Off Auctions,” Josh, a company spokesman said. “We are proud to announce that we have exceeded each and every one of those goals.”

Launched just two months ago, Sell Off Auctions already has more than 2,000 registered users and lots of winners who have had the chance to save up to 70 percent off the price of popular consumer goods.

“We had high hopes for Sell Off Auctions,” Josh said. “But whenever you start a new company, you always worry that you won't hit it in the market. We are very happy that we were right that the penny auction market was the industry to get into.”

Sell Off Auctions works like most penny auction sites. Users pay a $179 sign up fee and are given a package of bids they can use in auctions for popular consumer items. Each time they use a bid, the price of the auction goes up by a penny and time is added to the clock. At the end of the auction, the last person to place a bid wins the chance to buy the item at the final price – which is usually much lower than retail.

“I think what people like about Sell Off Auctions is that they have to match their wits against other site users,” Josh said. “It becomes a game of skill to see who can come up with the best system possible to scoop up the real bargains.”

With the holiday season just around the corner, company officials said they are poised to see some real growth in their business.

“This is the time of year when people are online and aggressively shopping,” Josh said. “They want to get as much as possible and save money so they can pile the presents under the holiday tree. We expect to see a great increase in traffic over the next few weeks.”

Sell Off Auctions officials said they think one of the best draws to their penny auction site is the large amount of popular products available including Cannon EOS Rebel cameras, Nintendo Wiis, Sony Home Theater Systems and Apple MacBook Pros.

“When you have the merchandise people want and give them the chance to get a real bargain, you'll find a rock solid customer base,” Josh said.

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Deborah Smith