Beating the Recession, Mother and Film Industry Creative Moves Into the Online Web Design Space with Fledgling Brand SEO Company 4

The recession has caused difficulties for a lot of people and the pain looks set to continue for some time to come. The story of SEO Company 4 is an inspiring case of an ‘unwilling entrepreneur’ and her determination to exploit a gap in the market.

London, United Kingdom, November 19, 2010 --( When film industry mum Veronica Marcano (Harry Potter, Narnia) and her whole team lost their jobs in the recession of 2009, like many others she was horrified to find herself at the job centre with thousands of others looking for jobs that simply were not there.

“Working in the movies may sound glamorous, but it is often low paid and has an isolated skill set. I discovered I had very few transferable skills, and dwindling funds. I fairly quickly realised if I was to work again I would need to switch careers," says Veronica.

Web design company started in early 2010 to help a friend with a beauty clinic, and within three months had tripled in size based purely on recommendations. Now in November 2010 the startup has grown into a fully fledged Limited company, and the orders are flowing in.

“We started as an SEO Company, and had fantastic success. After a few months of struggling with other people’s websites, we asked one of our clients if we could move their site over to the Drupal CMS (Content Management System) to make our lives easier. This was a turning point in the company’s history. Building a website is highly visible, and when our first design was released the phone started ringing,” recounts Veronica.

“Our break was a combination of lack of knowledge, a piece of luck and some good old fashioned research. We picked the Drupal web CMS system because we did not have the knowledge to write our own code base. That was one of our best decisions. It is a fantastically powerful and robust framework with one disadvantage - It is very ugly,” continues veronica.

The websites SECompany4 design are anything but ugly and include
Building services company
Rosacea Treatment Clinic
Digestive Health Consultants

Perhaps most surprising is that all of these websites come with a price tag of under £1000. How is this done. It seems that all the hard technical work is included in the content management system which being open source is completely free. That just leaves the design and integration costs. As a testament to the Drupal platform, it is now used by the main Obama Whitehouse website.

“We still remain true to our ethically based SEO roots, and have just taken on another site for SEO breaking news site, but being a new company is about being agile. Our clients like the idea of a web design company that knows about search engines. We pride ourselves on delivering sites that are as optimised technically as they are pretty on the surface. It may not sound like much of a market gap, but is has been a big enough gap in the market for us. By combining search engine optimisation with an a open source platform and some good old fashioned film industry design flare we have our niche,” concludes Veronica.

Perhaps the final point to note is that whilst this company does have its share of men, it is a female founded and female controlled business. In a world governed by social media and social interaction it is helping to break another stereotype, and doing it with style.

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