PCN Releases 2007 Performance Car Comparisons

Car buyers and enthusiasts can now compare prices, performance, and ratings for over 300 cars - on one page - in seconds.

Farmington Hills, MI, January 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Ever wonder which car offers the best performance for the least amount of money? That question and others can now be answered instantly using Performance Car News (PCN) AutoStats™.

PCN’s AutoStats™, available at www.PerformanceCarNews.com, are all new for 2007. AutoStats let you instantly sort every performance-oriented vehicle sold in the U.S. (cars with 0-60 times under 7 seconds) by over a dozen key criteria including:

• Price
• Horsepower
• 0-60 time
• Luxury Rating
• Fun Factor™
• Desire Factor™

PCN also offers four statistics found nowhere else, including Dollars for Desire™ which tells you how much you have to pay for each unit of “desire.” PCN’s Desire Factor™ encompasses all factors related to a car’s appeal, including styling, comfort, performance, and cache.

PCN is an invaluable starting point for car research. With one click, visitors can sort by any key statistic to find the optimal car for their needs. Best of all, PCN is totally free.

About Performance Car News

Performance Car News is the leading publisher of quantitative data on every production performance car sold in the U.S. Using compiled test results, in-house reviews, and proprietary statistics, PCN lets car buyers and enthusiasts easily sort and compare over 300 of America’s best automobiles—in seconds.

PCN markets its proprietary ratings to manufacturers around the world and presents its data free to consumers at: www.PerformanceCarNews.com

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Bob McLister