Free Online Poker Games Site to Allow Players to Host Their Own Free Poker Games on Site announces ability for members to create their own private poker leagues, ring games and Sit-N-Go free poker games. Games to suit between 2 and 200 players with options for own branding and sponsorship.

London, United Kingdom, November 20, 2010 --( Free online poker site have launched new site features that allow members to create their own private poker games and leagues.

There are two options open to players, set to appeal to different player objectives.

- The first option is the poker league.

Players who are able to invite over 100 other players can create a private poker league. This option is popular with poker clubs, forums and affiliates looking for a mechanism by which they can recruit players.

NopayPOKER hosted leagues can be totally private or open for registration from any NoPayPOKER member meaning that if the league manager does not initially have 100 players it can still be set up and start once the 100th member applies.

The main advantage of leagues is that skill tends to come into play over time and consistent players are rewarded as bad luck is effectively ironed out by probability. Thus they are popular with players wishing to avoid the all-in on every hand type of game.

- The second option is the private freeroll game.

Private Sit-N-Go games can be set up for between 2 and 50 players and multi table tournaments for up to 200.

This option suits groups looking for a game with like minded players as well as affiliates and organisers who cannot access the 100+ players needed for a league set up.

- Further features of note include:

1) Buy-In: Can be free or a buy in can be set.

2) Money Added: The organiser can add their own funds to make it more attractive.

3) Chip count and speed of blinds can be set

4) Private or Not - It can be offered to all site members should the member wish it.

- Branding and Links
A further premium feature is that members can brand the events with their own advertisements and links. This very low cost option is designed for webmasters and marketers promoting offers they believe will be attractive to a poker playing audience.

Setting up private poker games
Simple private Sit-N-Go's and multi table tournaments can be set up by the player through the NoPayPOKER game client software. For leagues and own brand tournaments the member simply need contact NoPayPOKER support to discuss requirements.

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