BackupChain Virtual Machine Backup Software Announces Partnership with Oter Informatica, Spain

Baltimore, MD, November 20, 2010 --( FastNeuron Inc., a provider of specialized server backup solutions, announced today its partnership with Oter Informatica S.L., a virtualization consulting and hosting service company in Barcelona, Spain. The collaboration between the two virtualization companies is to extend the reach and support of BackupChain Backup Software ( users in the Spanish market with local representation.

Oter Informatica, S.L. ( is a leading provider of Hyper-V server virtualization services in Barcelona, Spain, and specializes in providing high-availability virtual hosting services to the Spanish market. Furthermore, Oter Informatica is a leading online retailer and remote backup provider in Spain and has been offering backup solutions and services to the Spanish audience for many years.

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FastNeuron Inc. and Oter Informatica cooperate to meet the data replication needs of SMBs who increasingly invest in virtualization platforms. In particular, Microsoft Hyper-V Server has been gaining in popularity in Spain and the resulting upsurge in server migrations to virtual environments dramatically increased the data backup costs for hosting companies. The alliance of FastNeuron and Oter Informatica aims to reduce these costs by deploying BackupChain Backup Software in Spanish hosting centers.

In addition to VMware, BackupChain Backup Software targets Microsoft's free virtualization platform Hyper-V Server 2008 R2, which has sparked a worldwide adoption of virtual machines at low cost. Since virtualization relies on hosting several servers virtually at the same time, the risk of data loss has effectively multiplied. One solution to counteract the risk of data loss is to invest in server clusters. To many SMBs, however, the costs of high-availability clusters remain prohibitive and may even neutralize the economic gain that results from virtualization in some settings. The solution to the problem is usually to invest in a more efficient backup system.

As reported by FastNeuron's CTO Savas Papadopoulos, SMBs demand organization-wide licensing and live virtual machine backup. BackupChain Backup Software brings relief to SMBs by offering package deals and delta compression technology, which dramatically reduces backup storage costs. The company's CTO emphasized that using delta compression organizations are able to reduce backup storage costs by at least 30%. Moreover, this new technology enables SMBs to back up their virtual machines remotely, even via standard FTP. This compatibility to existing infrastructure, and the ability to create live virtual machine backups while the servers are in operation makes BackupChain the product of choice for data centers, which usually rely on standard open-source technologies to reduce their hosting costs.

BackupChain users in Spain also benefit from the partnership with Oter Informatica by having access to a local representative and personal support along with the hosting and consulting services offered. The ability to make hot virtual machine backups, that is to back up virtual machines while they are running, is an additional, crucial benefit to customers who desire their servers to remain up and running continuously.

About FastNeuron Inc. FastNeuron provides FTP and innovative backup software worldwide under the brand BackupChain. FastNeuron's mission is to provide its customers with quality products and services at reasonable prices. Please visit for more information.

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