Adeptol Unveils Version 2.0 of CloudConnect – Hosted Document Viewing Platform

Adeptol releases new version for Software-as-a-Service on demand document viewing platform.

Santa Clara, CA, November 20, 2010 --( Adeptol, a leader in document viewing technology, today announced a comprehensive update to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) document viewing platform, CloudConnect 2.0. With this new version, Adeptol delivers a radically improved experience for end users along with several new features for developers including AES encryption, extended API set and better control over loading documents into viewer.

Adeptol On Demand CloudConnect technology is being used by several SaaS application providers/publishers and enables providers to link the documents from their servers to the viewer on Adeptol server (with no document uploads) and offers a real time unique experience to the end users. Providers remain in control of the documents on their servers and never upload them to Adeptol servers, but still make use of ease of setup and full capabilities of the viewer. There are no installations involved and whole integration into any application takes less than 5 minutes.

Adeptol CloudConnect provides an easy way to get documents from servers anywhere in world to appear in the viewer. End users get a seamless document viewing experience and providers/publishers do not have to worry about handling technical issues such as viewing controls in browsers, operating systems, active x, mobile phone support, devices etc. Providers focus on creating content in any format they desire and let Adeptol CloudConnect deliver it to their users in the format users can synthesize/view it in. Best part is there is no upload of documents to Adeptol servers and providers/publishers can update their documents any time, there by offering a real time viewing experience to their users of the latest version of the documents.

The new features of Adeptol CloudConnect 2.0 include:
- Improved Document Viewer – CloudConnect now uses the latest 4.5 version of Adeptol AJAX Document Viewing Enterprise platform and offers all the features of elastic viewing. The new viewer supports more than 300 file formats and requires no installs on end user machines.
- Mobile Support – CloudConnect now comes with Adeptol Mobile Viewer license as well. For users viewing documents from publisher/provider applications on iPhone/iPad or other mobile phones like Android etc, Mobile Viewer offers great view experience with faster loading times.
- Built-in AES Encryption – Publishers can now turn on Encryption on their accounts to allow documents to be transmitted in highly encrypted mode. CloudConnect already uses 256bit SSL encryption. AES encryption takes security to next level, by not only encrypting the document content, but also the url of the document.
- Cache feature- An advanced Caching capability is now available to CloudConnect developers to allow faster document viewing for documents which do not change much and which are not sensitive or mission critical. Caching enables documents to be made available in a temporary cache on Adeptol Servers. When next time request comes in for same document, CloudConnect automatically looks in cache and serves it from there, thus making it a much better and unique experience for your users.
- Extended API – CloudConnect now opens up a variety of new controls for developers to control their document viewing experience through additional APIs.

“Adeptol CloudConnect 2.0 represents the company’s commitment to delivering the industry’s most complete and innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based document viewing platform,” said Prateek Kathpal, CEO & Founder Adeptol. “Our top priority is creating a viewing solution that balances utility with usability to increase user adoption for our customers,” further added Prateek.

Adeptol On Demand CloudConnect is Free for basic Non Commercial use, but a full personal license can be purchased for extended commercial uses. For enterprises and websites looking for a more professional look and feel with advanced capabilities, full control, faster load times, no bandwidth or request limitations and no advertisements - a Personal License of CloudConnect can provide all that & much more.

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