Search Plus Comes with Additional Integrated Services from CNP Integrations House

CNP Integration rolls out advanced search module for Joomla 1.5. These advance search modules are a milestone for CNP Integration, which made its presence five years ago in the world of Joomla and now is standing on its feet, looking even taller than before. CNP Integration has been building custom components to meet unique need of clients. A major credit goes to CNP Integrations think tank Christopher Nielsen, CEO and project manager.

Boston, MA, November 21, 2010 --( CNP Integrations releases Powerful new consolidated search options for Joomla! CMS that puts content instantly at the fingertips of the user.

Today November 16th CNP was notified that their collection of Search Plus - Advanced Search extensions for Joomla! CMS were approved for listing in the "Joomla Extensions Directory" also affectionately known as the JED. This endorsement marks a milestone for CNP's development and consulting team's commitment to excellence.

CNP Integrations is best known for their service and technical expertise for supporting Joomla! CMS and the integrated Info@hand Customer Relationship Business Management System (CRBM). This is their first release of advanced search plug-ins for Joomla! CMS. This powerful new bundle called Search Plus-Advanced Search for Joomla features an enhanced Joomla Search module and five plug-ins: "JS Events Search Plus Plug-in" for JomSocial, "JS Groups Search Plus Plug-in"for JomSocial, "JS Profile Search Plus Plug-in" for JomSocial, "JS Photos Search Plus Plug-in"for JomSocial and "ProjectFork Search Plus Plug-in" for ProjectFork. The new Search Plus collection has several other options available for clients engaged in development projects with the CNP Integrations team and has released this current bundle as a Free offering to the global Joomla community.

With the Search Plus Plug-in from CNP Integrations users will be able to display JomSocial and ProjectFork options from a consolidated search screen using the advanced search module from the front end of the site. With additional integration services from the CNP Integrations team you can add search for DocMan, Sobi2, Seyret Video and even bridge relationships between the JomSocial community building tools and the ProjectFork project management suite.

"Our team has been enhancing Joomla environments and building custom components to meet unique client needs now for nearly 5 years and we are excited to finally be in a position to give back to the community," says Christopher Nielsen, CEO and project manager with CNP Integrations. "This is just one of many collections planned as we expand our membership service offerings at to clients and showcase our development value network partnership with"

Search Plus for Joomla!CMS and other associated plug-ins may be downloaded individually or as a bundle from There is no cost for these Joomla Extensions but registration is required to download them. Registered users will also have access to some of the training resources available as a additional Free Subscriber reward.

CNP Integrations, a specialist in integrating web based infrastructures, delivering Joomla website design services and advanced online functionality for small businesses, government education and non profit organizations, is the premier US provider for info@hand, a development partner for JomSocial and a Joomla LMS solutions partner. The firm offers hassle free hosting, info@hand software and development support resources for transaction life cycle management, training and ecommerce solutions. The project managers and programming team at CNP Integrations specialize in complex Social Networking, Learning Management and community based portal systems that embrace web 2.0 technologies.

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