Roja Records Announces the Debut Release, "Latin Tech & Spice" from Ginobeat on

“Latin Tech & Spice” EP by Ginobeat available exclusively on beginning November, 16, 2010.

Tampa, FL, November 21, 2010 --( The debut EP, “Latin Tech & Spice,” from Ginobeat is an eloquent fusion of Latin rhythms and melodies combined with the Balearic influences of Spain and “island life” influences of Hawaii. Setting the tone for the EP, “Ibiza Belles” captures the essence of a Café del Mar sunset; melding together hypnotic Spanish horns, haunting melodic bells and an alluring tech house beat permeated with Latin drums. “Island Symphony” showcases a bold symphonic melody wrapped in a driving progressive beat that compels the body to move. “Tech & Spice” is an enticing combination of Andean inspired drums, Tech House rhythms and Spanish horns with Meringue and Salsa melodies. Rounding out the EP, “Pachanga Luminosa” is a progressive house track with tech house rhythmic influences balanced by light bell accents and a captivating melody that brings to mind visions of a bright sunset that creates pulsating beams of light dancing on the ocean.

“Latin Tech & Spice” by Ginobeat is available exclusively on from November 16, 2010 through November 30, 2010 and available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other fine retailers beginning November 30, 2010.


“Ibiza Belles is lovely, I will definitely play this!” - Jeff Vaz,, Spain
“I will definitely play Ibiza Belles” – dj Brad Smith, Crescent Records, Florida
“I am a huge fan of how you use the horns [in Ibiza Belles] Gino!!! They seem to hook me every time I hear one of your tacks now!” - DJ Intrigued, San Diego, CA
“I like the melody [in Island Symphony. It is] a very cool tech house vibe. I would love to play this out.” - DJ Intrigued, San Diego, CA
“I am in love with Island Symphony; I have it on repeat because I cannot get enough of it!” – dj UK JENN, Ibiza, Spain

Ginobeat Bio

Peruvian born tech house DJ & producer Ginobeat started producing electronic music in 1998 in Lima, Peru. During that time he produced tracks by sampling electronic sounds with Latin music, such as salsa, meringue and traditional Andean music.

In 2001, Ginobeat left South America and moved to the United States to attend Iowa State. It was in Ames, Iowa that Ginobeat started DJing live. From 2003 - 2005 Ginobeat was resident DJ at Cafe Beaudelaire and Club Mojaz in Ames, IA. Ginobeat then moved to Boulder, Colorado and continued his live performances. Ginobeat was resident DJ at Storyville, New Orleans between 2007 – 2008. He also released "Brunettes", a funky house track for Electro Connect net label in 2007.

Ginobeat now resides in Honolulu, Hawaii where he is a resident DJ at Bar Paparazzi, mixing tech house and minimal. His style ranges from dark tribal tech house, to glitchy minimal and uplifting techno. He has performed live in venues such as The Warehouse and The Loft in Honolulu, Hawaii as well as Jackson's in Tampa, Florida.

Ginobeat's first EP, “Latin Tech & Spice” was released by Roja Records in 2010 and includes four original Latin Tech House tracks. Upcoming releases include Ginobeat's “Gotta Groove” Remix feat. dj Teresa on Roja Records, in addition to several tech house, minimal and techno projects with Roja Records. Learn more: Listen:

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