Amadeus Consulting’s Natasha Gandhi Nominated for Top 25 Most Powerful Salespeople

Amadeus Consulting’s Director of Business Development, Natasha Gandhi, who is in charge of leading custom application development sales, has been nominated for Colorado Biz Magazine’s 25 Most Powerful Salespeople 2010.

Boulder, CO, November 21, 2010 --( Colorado Biz Magazine is seeking entries for Colorado’s 25 Most Powerful Salespeople, a yearly list dedicated to finding Colorado’s top talent who leverage resourcefulness, tenacity and determination to close sales in a tough economy. One of the nominee’s is custom software development company Amadeus Consulting’s, Natasha Gandhi, who serves as the company’s Director of Business Development.

The awards, to be announced in January’s Colorado Biz Magazine will be given to sales people who exhibit not only impressive sales figures in terms of dollar amount or growth, but also specific examples of their originality in making prospects and sales.

Natasha Gandhi came to Amadeus Consulting after working for Pulte Homes for four years as the company’s General Sales Manager. At Pulte, she worked with Jay Millard, Amadeus Consulting’s Chief Marketing Officer. Natasha felt the need to grow and change what she was selling, and .NET software development sales sounded exciting and challenging. Natasha has an MBA and Masters in Real Estate and Construction from University of Denver.

More and more women are at the helm of top positions in technology companies, and Natasha was thrilled to be a part of a women-owned application development company. By maintaining her own goals, drive and priority, she believes she can do the same job as anyone male or female in the industry.

Under her lead, Natasha and her team have grown Amadeus Consulting’s software application development business from $2.9 million the year before she came, to $4.7 in her first year. Amadeus Consulting is on pace to have a $7 million dollar year, a 70% increase over last year’s sales at $4.1 million. She attributes this to an extremely hard-working team that all work to support each other.

Her management style is a driven team selling approach. She believes that the goal of management is to provide her team with the tools to be successful, including helping them prioritize tasks to meet goal. She consistently sets the bar very high for those on her team, knowing that it is critical to give them the tools to succeed. Something that she believes puts her in the shoes of her team is her experience with sales in so many industries. She knows the day-to-day pressures, stresses and needs they have, so it allows her to create the support and tools that they need to not only do their jobs well, but with as little stress as possible.

“Natasha Gandhi is an exceptional Sales and Marketing professional. Natasha has a style and grace that supports her truly superb ability in direct selling. Additionally, she has a tremendous ability to rally a team with her genuine leadership. As one of the most impressive individual performers I have ever come across, I believe she has even greater ability as a leader,” says Jay Millard, Amadeus Consulting’s Chief Marketing Officer.

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Amadeus Consulting is a custom software development company dedicated to creating intelligent technology solutions with successful business results. Amadeus Consulting is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner as well as a Silverlight™ Partner, winner of the Microsoft Office XP Challenge, and has Microsoft Partner Competencies in Custom Development, Mobility and Data Management Solutions. The company is an expert in custom software applications such as rich Internet Applications, content management systems, e-commerce, surveys, social networking sites, data collection and management, browser plug-ins, and mobile application development including iPhone™, Windows Mobile® and Android™. Amadeus Consulting ranked in the top 25 on the prestigious Mercury 100 list of the fastest-growing private companies in Boulder and Broomfield counties since 2007, and has placed on the Inc. 5000 since 2006.

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