Kenlighten, the Social Learning Website, Spreads Across a 100 Countries

Mavenz, the India-based management and technology services company behind Kenlighten, continues to bring social learners together.

Panjim Goa, India, November 22, 2010 --( This month, Kenlighten achieved a significant milestone by having its user-base spread to the hundredth country when a new user registered from the American Samoa.

Kenlighten provides its members with a unique platform to not just share their knowledge and learn from each other, but also network without any restrictions and keep in touch.

Recently, Mavenz began releasing copyright expired content, available in the public domain, in streaming digital format for free subscription to its members.

To celebrate this milestone, Mavenz has announced a special programs to reward its existing and new members who join the site on or before 31st December 2010. More details about this program can be accessed by visiting the website.

The Kenlighten team at Mavenz seemed pleasantly excited about the site''s future prospects in stating "We are pretty confident that with the developments that are in the pipeline, we will have a more engaging experience for our members from the year 2011. We can only see exponential growth in memberships at Kenlighten going forward."

Mavenz Management and Technology Services Private Limited
Arya Prabhudesai