Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles Offers a New Spin on the Traditional Art Gallery

An unintimidating atmosphere at Artspace Warehouse serves as the entry for young collectors to affordable contemporary art. Artspace Warehouse, a successful affordable art gallery from Zurich, Switzerland, arrived in Los Angeles with cutting edge but affordable contemporary art.

Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2010 --( Collecting hot contemporary art is a growing trend in Los Angeles. Now everyone can enter the crave at Artspace Warehouse.

The pink apple logo arrived at 7354 Beverly Boulevard, bringing an international perspective of unique artworks for the home and office, as well for the serious collector. With over 30 years of experience in Europe and a passion for art, Kunstwarenhaus Zurich determined that Los Angeles needed a gallery featuring cutting-edge contemporary artworks at affordable levels in a fun, unintimidating environment. Artspace Warehouse opened in September representing a variety of international emerging and established artists from across Europe and Los Angeles, including Edith Konrad, Marion Duschletta, Ashleigh Sumner.

People who would easily pay similar amounts for designer clothing will find it appealing to buy a piece of original art at the same price and derive pleasure from it every day in their surroundings at home or in the office. Small decorative pieces such as Kati Elm’s wooden works begin at $40, and are juxtaposed with large abstract paintings by accomplished German artists such as Evelyn Doenicke and Beatrice Schnitzer. Special display features include fun artworks in shopping carts, pink foam letters glued to the walls announcing the price ranges, as well as bright pink tape on the floor leading the art aficionado through the exhibition.

Every few weeks the art selection highlights a new theme (urban, street, abstract, figurative, pop, graffiti, or photo art) so lovers of all types of artworks get a chance to explore the new international arrivals to fill their bare walls. The show “Abstract Passion” opened in October and runs through the end of December. "Pop is Hot" opens in January.

Artspace Warehouse
Claudia Deutsch
Artspace Warehouse Press Release

Artspace Warehouse Press Release

Who said great affordable and unique art cannot be found? Artspace Warehouse gets those bare walls covered with cutting edge contemporary art at the same price of a piece of designer clothing.