Kaeng Raeng Offers Easier, Less Expensive Alternative to the Juice Cleanse; Free Shipping for Cyber Monday

Kaeng Raeng will be offering a free shipping promotion for Cyber Monday on November 29th.

Palo Alto, CA, November 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Kaeng Raeng Inc, a nutraceutical company based in Silicon Valley, offers a less expensive alternative to luxury juice cleanses and is proud to announce its Cyber Monday free shipping promotion. On Nov 29, for one day only, all detox orders will receive Free Shipping within the United States.

Although luxury juice cleanses have received recent media attention, Kaeng Raeng all natural detox can provide similar results without the fasting or the price tag. Starting at just $14/day, Kaeng Raeng is packed with vitamins and nutrients, protein, and full servings of fruit and fiber to help jumpstart weight loss, remove toxins, bolster immunity, and improve digestion. KR is filling, delicious, and affordable.

“Kaeng Raeng is such an exciting product because it’s gentle, mild, and easy to complete for first time users,” said Lindsay Reinsmith, founder and CEO of Kaeng Raeng. “It’s also effective and worthwhile enough for regular detoxers.”

Rather than encouraging juice only or mostly juice diets, Kaeng Raeng is a nutritional meal replacement program that also encourages eating raw fruits and vegetables. The program is vegan, gluten free, nut free, caffeine free, and made with California fruit in Palo Alto, CA. KR is completely animal free and dedicated to animal rights; a portion of every sale goes to the Humane Society, America’s largest animal protection organization.

“No more going hungry or starving yourself to get results!” Reinsmith said. “You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sanity to get a great cleansing experience. KR offers the results of high-end cleanses without the fasting.”

Reinsmith also noted the affordability of KR compared to other cleanses.

“These days, everyone likes to save money and still get results,” Reinsmith said. “Those luxury juice cleanses can cost up to $100/day. That’s a $600 investment for a 6-day cleanse! Frankly, that’s just ridiculous. Kaeng Raeng’s 6-day cleanses start at just $99. That is much more practical for most people.”

Kaeng Raeng was recently featured in VitalJuice, HealthyBitchDaily, Scene B Seen, and other health and fitness blogs. It is sold online at www.kaengraeng.com and in select Whole Foods Market stores in North America.

Kaeng Raeng is co-packaged by Multivitamin Direct in Palo Alto, CA. Samples and CEO interviews available upon request. Contact press@kaengraeng.com or visit www.kaengraeng.com.

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