Projity's SaaS Project Management Solution Adds Multi-Projecting

Project-ON-Demand only SaaS solution with full Multi-Projecting support for managing projects.

San Mateo, CA, January 24, 2007 --( Projity today announced that Project-ON-Demand now has equivalent multi-projecting features with Microsoft Project. Project-ON-Demand is now the first multi-project SaaS solution. Project-ON-Demand has taken a leadership position in the SaaS marketplace, delivering a complete replacement of Microsoft Project. Project-ON-Demand has equivalent functionality and the ability to simply open native Microsoft Project files. The addition of advanced multi-project features further separates Project-ON-Demand as the only SaaS solution that lets teams manage projects in a browser anytime/anyplace with multi-project features including:

  - Master Projects
  - SubProjects
  - Task links between Projects
  - Multi-Project Resource Histograms
  - Projects Dashboard

"The Projity development team has worked closely with our users. One of the most requested enhancements was increased multi-projecting functionality," noted Howard Katz, Projity's Chief Technology Officer. "It is common for our users to have key milestones or other tasks in one project that impact the schedules in their other projects," noted Katz.

Projity now lets you easily link tasks between projects graphically. The addition of Master Projects, SubProjects and Project Dashboard enhancements now allow companies to have centralized management of their projects, anytime/anyplace. This eliminates silo's of project information, making teams productive immediately regardless of location. The new Project Dashboard has automated "project health" indicators. Project-ON-Demand calculates performance indices for the cost, schedule and overall health of each project. Project Cost and Schedule health indicators of green, yellow or red are displayed in the dashboard. The new Project Dashboard can be displayed and ordered according to various status.

The Project-ON-Demand release is available today at and Projity now has free 30 day trials. The Projity hosted model delivers these new enhancements to subscribers with no manual installation. All subscribers have the latest enhancements when they log into Project-ON-Demand in their browser. Project-ON-Demand subscriptions are simple monthly terms with no long term commitments. Project Teams can use Project-ON-Demand for the duration of their projects and then inactivate their accounts until the next project commences. Projity has automated the billing workflow for subscribers; electronically invoices are sent, credit cards are charged based upon the monthly usage and a billing history is maintained online for convenience. The monthly subscriptions are role based with Team Members $7.99/month and Project Managers $19.99/month.

About Projity:

Projity is a Silicon Valley and French company with headquarters in San Mateo , California. Projity also has offices in Paris, France and India. The company founders have been instrumental in the development of the project management software industry, dating to the mainframe and DOS solutions. Projity was founded on the premise that a hosted, cross platform alternative delivered on a simple monthly subscription was required for teams. There are currently over 100 companies using Project-ON-Demand to manage their projects. There has been tremendous worldwide interest with users in China, Russia, Philippines, Sri Lanka , Malaysia , India , Korea, Japan , Canada, Mexico , Honduras , Peru , Brazil , Argentina , Chile , South Africa in addition to the many U.S. and European companies. Projity's has released, Project-ON-Demand, a complete replacement of Microsoft Project and other desktop solutions. The Projity business model is similar to and equally disruptive to existing software vendors. A key common feature: replacing entrenched solutions that are costly and complex with an equivalent alternative delivered over the Internet on a simple monthly subscription.


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