Worlds First Rescued Service Dog Helping a Woman with Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Has Cancer

Hard to Imagine Owners Heartbreak when Gracie the Italian Greyhound is Diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer.

Eagle, CO, November 25, 2010 --( “Gracie and I have been best friends, together 24/7, for over seven years. I can't imagine life without her.” said Dr. Diane Dike, Founder and President of Second Chance with Saving Grace. SCwSG is a non-profit that helps hurting people and animals. Dike is an award-winning Author, Speaker, Singer, and Rare Blood Disease Survivor/Warrior overcoming tremendous obstacles to live a life of impact and purpose. But now fans and friends wonder, can she and Gracie find the help they need to get through this devastating blow?

“As we prepared for our winter American Missionary Journey to the southern states of the USA, we took Gracie in for a check up and to have a white bump on her ear looked at. With a sharp needle, the doctor aspirated the lump and reviewed its contents under the microscope. I could tell something was wrong by the look on his face. Then he said it: Cancer. 'Gracie has cancer.' My husband Paul and I held trembling hands. The doctor went on, “'It’s Mast Cell Cancer. We’ll need to perform emergency surgery to remove part of her ear and send it in for a biopsy. This will both tell us the grade of the cells and the stage of the disease. Additionally, we’ll take ex-rays of her chest and abdomen to see if it has spread to her organs and aspirate fluid from the lymph node under that ear. Let’s hope it’s stage one and we got it all and early. Radiation and chemotherapy will be needed if it’s stage 2 and, well stage 3, let's not think about that right now.'"

Paul leaned over to Diane in her wheelchair and held her. The teardrops raced down their cheeks like a rainstorm. Yet Gracie, ever on duty, caught each one with a kiss.

Paul and Diane created Second Chance with Saving Grace after rescuing this broken abandoned Italian Greyhound. She had two broken legs, a ripped off tail and a cold. She died on the operating table but came back. Diane says, "Cause God had a purpose and plan for her life. She is making a big difference in this world!" Diane named her Gracie and nurtured her back to life. Before long Gracie rescued Diane right back and they began the training for Gracie to be her Service dog. They go where no woman and dog have gone before.

With Dike’s precarious health it would be best for her to stay home, safe in bed limiting the variables that can take her life and limbs. But she’s not going to let what she can’t do keep her from doing what she Can. Even though she pays a high price for living and giving, she is committed to both. She is strong and courageous inspiring all around her to be the same. But now she and Gracie are faced with another life-threatening challenge. How will they handle it? How will they go on? Will they loose each other? Or will they get the miracle they are praying for? It will be at least five days before the pathology report is in. So they wait cuddling and snuggling looking for the blessings in life as they face their sentence together.

“Gracie’s only seven years old but she's nine pounds of pure love. We’ve been getting calls, emails and love from all over the world. It’s a blessing to know so many care. We are thinking of you, with fingers & paws crossed for good news!" said Pat Harris

With an extraordinary faith, hope, and love this amazing duo continues to touch hearts around the globe. Their inspiring story books, Love Kits of Hope and Encouragement and incredible outreach work to orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches,... touch millions. Like a Mother said during their last Children's Hospital visit, "I will never forget this day for as long as I live. It's the first time my child has smiled in months. I've never heard of or met anyone like Gracie and Diane. Thank you!"

"Thank you Gracie and Diane for sharing your story, life, triumphs and pain with a world hungry for Hope. You are a light in the darkness as you hearten others to be the same. Just as Tina Sansone Vinson said, "Your energy and sheer determination inspire me!"

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