Blind Spot ~ A Novel of Scientific Espionage. A Dangerous Technological Advance that Could be Frighteningly Close

In this book the writer develops a Personal Tactical High Energy Laser – PTHEL – which blinds the enemy. It is a weapon that we believe does not now exist. We are certain however, that it has been researched. Laser weapons the size of a large military vehicle have been developed. But, no such weapon has been developed that is lightweight or accurate enough for use by one or two men that the author is aware of.

New York, NY, January 26, 2007 --( Three communist world powers – USSR, East Germany and China – become interested in developing a PTHEL weapon. They form a company called REC, Ltd. to pool their resources to make the building of the weapon possible. Robert Schein, a CIA agent working under the cover of a photographic distributor – TAG Photographic Inc. gets involved in trying to thwart the venture. He also becomes personally involved because of a kidnapping of a close friend, a scientist forced to work on the weapon. This is an action packed story of a technological advance that could be frighteningly close.

The author is a veteran of the photographic wholesale distribution industry; part of the team who made Nikon the household brand it is today. He has worked on a number of military photographic projects. He has also traveled extensively in the countries Schein visits. One of the major reasons why he started to write was to help his daughter who is suffering from Scleroderma. To make her as comfortable as possible, she visits a homeopathic doctor. Unfortunately, these visits are not covered by insurance. The earnings from Blind Spot and Behind the Yellow Filter go toward paying the bills of the prescribed homeopathic medications. Stuart Held, with his wife of almost 50 years – Nina - resides in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York.

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Stuart Held, 15A Elm Avenue, Glen Cove, Long Island, NY 11542
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books by Stuart Held – BEHIND THE YELLOW FILTER – 2/23/06 

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